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Fans Praise Kim Kardashian On Trying To Make Her Marriage Work

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Cats out of the bag folks — Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have officially split. And, those divorce rumors swirling among fans? Well, they are not rumors anymore. E! News took to Instagram an hour ago to confirm the end of the marriage.

Now, we previously reported fans had some mixed feelings about the news. Relief. Devastation. Surprise. One Kardashian fan, however, took a moment to praise Kim. Why? Well, they thought she did an incredible job of genuinely trying to make the marriage with Kanye work. This reaction to news of the divorce on Instagram has been liked over 4,000 times. So, clearly, this is something a lot of people agree with.

One fan applauds Kardashian for giving the marriage her all.

“I’ll give credit where it’s due. Kim has seemed to genuinely try to make things work with him. He just seems to be the type of person that can’t acknowledge when he needs help,” one Kardashian fan penned.

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The individual above suggests the marriage must’ve failed because Kanye needs treatment. Treatment he refused to get. Likewise, other fans admit they were surprised the marriage lasted as long as it did. Some were happy to see Kim Kardashian getting out of what is perceived as an unhealthy relationship.

Now, the comment above had over 100 responses. Some simply note they “agree.” Others had a lot more to say. Here’s some of the responses to the comment above:

  • “Agreed. I think at this point he has to want and get help for himself. He seems to be manic and having outbursts and it’s unfortunate for his children.”
  • “I agree. He’s bad for her image at this point too and I’m sure she’s been told that it could hurt her.”
  • “Facts. Its very hard to have lasting relationships with bipolar people.”

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Divorce: Fans react

In one comment, a Kardashian fan notes this is the least shocking news “ever.” Others responded to the comment noting it was the “best comment” in the comment section. In the same realm of feelings — some were just surprised the divorce took so long.

It’s Over! Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Divorce Rumors Confirmed

Kim Kardashian did not file for divorce yet. A source close to the family told E! News she’s trying to decide what is best for her children. Some fans, however, double down on daddy refusing to get help not being best for her children or herself.

The question is: what do you think about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West splitting? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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