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Carlin Bates Reveals Layla’s Citrus Reaction

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Carlin Bates and her husband Evan’s baby girl Layla is now 11-months-old. And clearly, they dote on her. And UPtv fans of Bringing Up Bates love it when Carlin posts up photos and clips of her daughter. Now she shared some clips of Layla getting her first taste of citrus and it looked adorable.

Carlin Bates keeps fans updated on Layla

We reported that Carlin Bates took to Instagram on December 2 and shared a new update. At 1o months, Layla grew some baby teeth and managed to become very active. In fact, “she’s into everything,” her mom said. Plus, Layla’s simply the “cutest” little thing in the lives of the Bringing Up Bates couple. Naturally, with her early health scares, fans love it that Layla meets her milestones.

“Cute” completely describes Carlin Bates Stewart’s daughter. InTouch Weekly reported that fans adore the many photos that Carlin shares. The outlet cited Carlin as saying, “Watching you learn new tricks and explore the world is the magic of my days! I have so much love for you, baby girl.'” But that doesn’t mean that mom doesn’t play a few little tricks on her cutie-pie kid, Layla. She gave her child her first taste of citrus and filmed her reaction.

Laya tastes her first lemon

Unsuspecting, and totally trusting her mom, Layla sat at the table looking very cute. Carlin said she was about to get her first taste of a lemon. Then, she held out a wedge of the sour fruit. Well, Layla took a taste of it and as you can imagine, screwed up her face. Poor baby! But it looked rather funny. And Carlin said her reaction’s “priceless.” You can see the clips further down in the article. Will Layla ever trust her mommy again?

But is it okay to let a baby eat fresh lemon? Well, Solid Starts notes that it’s fine when they start eating solids. But too much of it might cause a diaper rash or be a bit harsh on their tummies. In fact, kids need citrus because of the vitamin C content that helps humans digest iron. Nevertheless, they recommend people like Carlin Bates should give kids like Layla organic lemon to prevent them from ingesting insecticides.

Carlin Bates Layla tastes a citrus lemon

Is it okay for kids to eat sectioned lemon?

Giving a child a sectioned lemon might be a choking hazard. So removing the pips is a good idea. When kids reach the age of Layla, the outlet notes, “At this age, your baby may enjoy the fun of tasting lemon or limes on their own. To do so, offer a wedge of lemon, seeds removed, and take the opportunity to teach them the word ‘sour.”

Clearly, Carlin Bates’ daughter Layla now knows exactly what the word “sour” means.

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