Tanya Roberts Not Dead

Tanya Roberts Not Dead Despite Confirmations Of Her Passing

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Tanya Roberts is still very much alive. That might come as a shock to the people who confirmed she passed away over the weekend.

Just how there was confusion as to whether or not the former Bond girl and That ’70s Show actress was confused for having passed away is something that is going to get quite a bit of attention in the coming days.

On Monday afternoon, TMZ reported Roberts’ representatives confirmed the actor is still upright and breathing. The interesting part about that report is that it was the same representatives that confirmed she had died. They even sent out a press release to that effect.

The original stories said that Roberts collapsed on Christmas Eve and had to be rushed to the hospital. It’s said she was put on a ventilator. Her representatives then claimed she died while being treated at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. The same representative said her husband confirmed she passed away.

Apparently, Roberts’ people went so far as to get a quote from her husband Lance which said, “As I held her in her last moments, she opened her eyes.” On Monday morning, Lance apparently got a call from the hospital. It appears administrators saw the story about the actor passing away and informed her she is still alive.

Tanya Roberts’ Family Very Confused

According to the people surrounding Roberts, Lance truly thought his wife had died. He went so far as to contact other members of the family, as well as her friends to pass on the news.

As of now, there is no explanation for the confusion. It’s possible this was extreme doctor error. It could also be a situation where Roberts’ husband was so worried over her condition that he assumed the worst happened during a particularly stressful moment.

Sorting it out will be interesting.

It does appear that the former Bond Girl isn’t out of the woods. She is still reportedly in the hospital. It’s worth noting she didn’t make the call herself. However, guessing at her condition in the wake of the massive confusion isn’t advised.

Tributes Poured In

After news of Roberts’ passing started circulating, one media outlet after another paid tribute to the actor. Several mentioned she posted a very hopeful message on Instagram just days before the confusion started. Those same outlets dubbed the message “her last.”

Tanya Roberts Not Dead

After claims of her demise were greatly exaggerated, fans swarmed that very post to offer their condolences. Interestingly, the message was posted after she apparently went into the hospital which begs the question as to whether or not she posted it and then her health took a turn for the worse, or whether someone posted it for her.

How, why and who made that post is just one of the questions surrounding Tanya Roberts and the fact that she’s still very much alive, despite confirmation otherwise just a day earlier.

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