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‘Cobra Kai’ Season 3 Spoilers: The Shocking Return That Changed Everything

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Cobra Kai fans excitedly rushed to their Netflix accounts on New Year’s Day to watch Season 3. The Karate Kid sequel series dropped a week early, and viewers didn’t hesitate to tune in.

There was a lot to unpack in Season 3. Miguel’s injuries were a big storyline. Fans thought that Miguel’s doctor may even be former Karate Kid character, Ali Mills (Elizabeth Shue). However, it turns out that Ali wasn’t the doctor who performed Miguel’s operation.

Ali Mills returned for Cobra Kai Season 3

The season pushed forward as Cobra Kai and Myagi-do continued to be at war with one another. Meanwhile, Johnny opened a new dojo called Eagle Fang. He recruited some students and go to work. Finally, it was revealed that Ali was back in town to visit her parents for the holidays.

Ali asked Johnny to lunch, and the two reconnected on a deep level. They reminisced about old times in high school. They even took a trip down memory lane by having a fun-filled night at their old hangout.

Ali asked Johnny to accompany her to a party at the country club with her parents, and he obliged. Upon arrival, Ali and Daniel had a warm reunion. The trio, along with Daniel’s wife, Amanda, spent the night laughing and talking together.

In the end, it was Ali who told both Johnny and Daniel that they were more alike than they knew. She asked them to see each other’s sides and bury the hatchet once and for all. It was her return that led to the former rivals joining forces and combining their dojos in hopes of beating Cobra Kai at the upcoming All Valley Tournament.

Meanwhile, TVLine reports that the show had to take major precautions in order to keep Elizabeth Shue’s return under wraps.

The series’ co-showrunner Josh Heald joked about how hard it was to keep the secret.

How the show kept the big secret

He explained, “We had [everyone] sign pretty strict non-disclosure agreements with unspecified consequences — I have no idea what they were — but it was enough that it worked, apparently.”

As for Elizabeth Shue’s involvement, fellow showrunner Hayden Schlossberg says they got in contact with the actress during Season 2 of the series.

“We reached out to [Shue] somewhere during Season 2, after there was a show she could see. She was aware of the show, and had seen it and liked it. We had good vibes about the potential of being able to work with her when the time was right. For the fanbase that is following this story, the hardcore fans, it’s such a big moment to bring her into the story, so we really wanted it to be perfect.”

Ali’s appearance really did shift Cobra Kai Season 3 in a whole new direction and set up a big story for Season 4.

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