Below Deck Rachel's Drinking

Below Deck: Rachel’s Drinking Has Fans Thinking She’s An Alcoholic

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Below Deck fans are more than a little worried about Rachel Hargrove. The cruise ship’s chef‘s behavior has been erratic as the season wears on. Scenes showing her drinking constantly and annoying and offending her shipmates have some thinking she’s not in control of it.

Things started going downhill when Rachel briefly left My Seanna. She didn’t like the demands of a guest. The episode where she quit showed her repeatedly cussing and refusing to do any work. The episode also showed her crewmates clearly appalled by her behavior. She eventually returned, hat in hand, asking for her job back. Because the yacht was in a tight spot, Captain Lee allowed her to come back.

Subsequent scenes showed that some members of the crew were angered by her quitting. During a night out after the guests departed, Rachel drank entirely too much. Other members of the crew, including Eddie, were obviously annoyed by her out of control behavior. Eddie let it be known to other castmates that he didn’t trust Rachel anymore. Meanwhile, the chef continued to drink.

According to ScreenRant, fans think there’s more than just a person who can’t hold her liquor.

“Rachel is what’s the word I am looking for? A Raging alcoholic,” one fan wrote.

“Love chef Rachel’s talent, but that girl is not at her best when she drinks excessively. Ouch!” another pointed out.

Rachel Is Exhausting

Another fan of the show said that the chef’s cooking looks like it’s top of the line, but her personality is hard to withstand.

Some fans wondered if her behavior out on the town is intentional. They wondered whether in blowing off steam, she’s intentionally trying to aggravate her Below Deck crewmates.

“Does Rachel intentionally plan to get stupidly drunk every time just to quit and return so she can blame it on the alcohol?” the viewer asked.

“Drunk Rachel is a nightmare,” said another fan. “She should rethink drinking, it’s not a good look on her.”

Below Deck Rachel Drinking

Fans Have Enough

What seems to be true of most Below Deck fans is that Rachel’s behavior is wearing on everyone. More viewers than ever are commenting about the chef’s behavior off ship. Very few of them are paying that much attention to the work she is doing on the yacht.

There’s also very little doubt that Rachel isn’t happy this season. She’s a new addition in Season 8 and it appears she’s not handling being in front of the camera all that well. At times, it appears she’s trying to hard to perform for the audience. At other times, she seems to want to be anywhere but on the yacht.

Some of the reason she’s unhappy appears to be that she’s missing her boyfriend. Could the rest be that she’s got a full-blown drinking problem? The rest of the season on Below Deck could shed some light.

Below Deck airs Mondays on Bravo.

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