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‘Storage Wars’ Darrell Sheets Once Found A Truly Disturbing Locker

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Fans remain obsessed with Storage Wars and the secrets those lockers hold. This is true even after the series has been off the air for a year now. Some of the greatest and most surprising finds are well documented. Though, Dave Hester insists anything documented on the show is farse. Most of these bidders, however, did this for a living. So, their only bids weren’t the ones caught on film.

The question some fans of the series have is really simple. What about the other side of what could be found in a storage locker. Has there been anything truly disturbing found in a storage locker by the Storage Wars cast? Turns out, Darrell Sheets once found a truly disturbing locker.

Darrell Sheets is known for scoring big

Darrell Sheets, also known as The Gambler, was with Storage Wars since the pilot episode. The episode aired in 2010. He quickly became known for the catchphrase, “this is the wow factor.” Darrell also had a knock for getting some of the biggest scores in the show.

For example, he discovered multiple pieces of art by Frank Gutierrez. He paid less than $4,000 for the locker. Then, turned around and made 100x that in profits. Darrell even once found a toy and comic collection that required seven trucks to remove it all. The entire collection ended up having a value of just shy of $100,000.

Unfortunately, not every find is a good one.

Sheets opened up about one of his most gruesome discoveries. Turns out, he actually found human remains in a locker once. Yes, you read that right. Darrell Sheets found a corpse in a locker once. Darrell made this reveal during a special series episode in 2011 called Unlocked. The episode featured the cast gathering around a poker table. Likewise, they each discussed stories of being a bidder. Laura Dotson recalled remembering a woman buying a locker with just a box in it. And, the box? Well, it ended up having a dead body in it.

The story sparked something in Darrell Sheets. He recalled when the same thing happened to him. Back in 1988. He was in San Diego at the time.

You know, I don’t really want to talk about it a whole lot, but it wasn’t a pleasant situation. But in this business it does happen. I’ve found ashes, coffins …”

Darrell elaborated on the gruesome find a year later

According to Looper, Darrell Sheets was interviewed by a magazine called Reality Weekly in 2012. Darrell reached a point where he was ready to share some of the details. He explained the unit contained a corpse wrapped in plastic. Police later explained what happened. They told him a man murdered his wife. Then, he left her body in the storage unit.

It was a very horrific story, and it was an occult group and all that kind of stuff. The San Diego police confiscated everything in the locker.”

Now, Looper points out this story is difficult to confirm with other sources. The magazine claimed to reach out to authorities. But, authorities would not budge on any information about the story. So, this story quickly became a Storage Wars lore. Something that could be true or could be farse. Making the story even harder to confirm, the magazine that originally published the interview no longer exists.

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Making the story even more suspect, the Unlocked episode isn’t easy to get ahold of. It can’t be streamed anywhere. And, it isn’t on the A&E website.

Given that Dave Hester claimed the entire show was fake… The story should be taken as a grain of salt. It might be true, it might not be true. Do you think Darrell Sheets found a body in a locker? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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