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Duggar Family Roasted For New Year Party

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Duggar family critics had three opportunities to slam Jim Bob and the clan recently. Firstly, they seemingly forgot all about COVID-19 when they held their Fall Festival. Then they gathered for the Duggar Family Ugly Sweater Party around Christmas time. And, now they held a big to-do for New Year. TLC critics roasted the Counting On family once again, but they seem to totally ignore critics.

Duggar family seem to think COVID-19 doesn’t exist

We reported that despite the coronavirus, the family all got together for the Fall Festival without a single mask in sight. And, forget about social distancing. While the family held their celebration at the big house, not everyone lives there. Fans who rant and rage about the virus and the carefree attitude by the Duggars obviously fall on deaf ears. Soon, along came Christmas when they gathered in large numbers once again.

At Christmas, the Duggars all gathered for their annual Ugly Sweater Party which seemed even more ugly when fans consider the dangers of the coronavirus. We reminded readers that lots of guidelines come out advising people about how to prevent the spread of the virus. The rules differ for each state and county, but “most rules state that families who don’t live under the same roof should not gather. Masks are also encouraged.” However, it seems like the Duggar family missed the memo.

Roasted for New Year Party

Many people believe that COVID-19’s merely a conspiracy to control people. But at the very least, it’s the flu and a very dangerous strain at that. After all, a lot of people died across the world. The argument fans put forward is that the Duggars get together and they could easily become super-spreaders in the community. As the Counting On family claims to be so very Christian and religious, fans think they certainly don’t care enough to think about people who might die because of their careless actions.

Popculture reported the news that the Duggars and friends gathered for a huge New Year celebration. The news originated from Reddit. Notably, the video clips came from people other than the Duggar family members.  On the subreddit DuggarsSnark, u/isobel18 shared some clips. The user captioned the post with, “Instagram stalking random fundies and found a good video of the Duggars NYE party. I don’t see anything crazy juicy but maybe one of you will!” Well, some people  roasted them, and TLC

Duggar Family Roasted New Year Party
DuggarsSnark, u/isobel18 | Reddit

Angry critics sound off in the comments

A lot of people can’t understand how the Duggars never got COVID yet. But, others pointed out that they might have. After all, their friends, the Bates family got it. Maybe they just don’t take it seriously as none of the Duggars died yet. But other people reach the limits with their patience.

One Duggar family follower wrote, “Arkansas went from being one of the states with the fewest cases to one of the biggest cases to population ratio. They are socializing with mega families who are likely also socializing with mega families. No way they haven’t or will not get it.” They added, “Irritates me that TLC did that whole charade on their show early in the pandemic where they were doing remote calls and making masks. Total lies.”

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