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‘OutDaughtered’ Uncle Dale Dragged For Face Mask Not Covering His Nose

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Uncle Dale Mills is a fan favorite on OutDaughtered. So, it isn’t too surprising they were able to spot him in crowded picture of people. Unfortunately, it might’ve been better for him if they hadn’t been able to tell which individual he was. Why? Well, because once fans found him they started to drag him. They noticed he was in a crowd of people. And, he wasn’t wearing his face mask properly. He had it pulled down so it wasn’t covering his nose.

Is Uncle Dale wasting his time wearing the face mask?

According to NBC DFW News, pulling your face mask down off your nose actually makes wearing it pointless. The news outlet suggests only wearing it over your nose would actually be more effective than only wearing it over your mouth. Why? Well, because most people take a breath in through the nose and out through the mouth. You wear the mask over your mouth to protect others. You wear it over your nose to protect yourself.

Now, OutDaughtered fans were not happy with Uncle Dale Mills for not wearing his mask properly. Especially because he was in a huge crowd of people at time. Likewise, he frequently spends time with the girls. What if his lack of wearing a mask properly got the Busby girls sick?

Adam and Danielle Busby also got dragged for being involved.

Now, Adam and Danielle Busby appeared to have their face masks on properly. But, they were still in a crowd of people. Likewise masks aren’t believed to be 100 percent effective in preventing the virus. This is why social distancing is also highly recommended.

Many fans noted they loved this family. But, they wish they would grasp the dangers of the pandemic. That being said, Adam Busby has made it clear he isn’t interested in letting the pandemic control his life. Unless he’s legally required to stay home, he isn’t going to. Likewise, he isn’t going to wear a mask when he’s a safe distance from other people. He proved this point when he went to the gym a while back. He explained there weren’t any rules making him stay home. The gym was open. And, he wasn’t anywhere near other people.

Why were Adam, Danielle, and Dale in a crowd anyway?

Turns out, they had a pretty good reason for being in a crowd. They explained in the caption of the post:

A few weeks ago we did another charity donation drive for Lake Charles, specifically for Moss Bluff Elementary, the school Adam went to as a kid. This elementary school was damaged from Hurricane Laura, along with so many others, and lost a TON of items,… including their entire Art building and STEM Lab.”

As OutDaughtered fans know, Adam and Danielle have been hard at work helping Lake Charles since the hurricane. Still, many fans didn’t like them being in a large crowd. Regardless of face masks and the cause.

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Do you think Adam, Danielle, and Uncle Dale should have helped without being in the crowd? Share your thoughts on the backlash in the comments.

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