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Does Olivia Plath Emasculate Her Husband Ethan?

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Does Olivia Plath wear the pants in her marriage to Ethan? Some Welcome to Plathville fans think she might be a little too strong of a woman. And, they’ve grown concerned she might actually be trampling the masculinity of her husband. So, does she take her strong woman vibes a little too far? Here’s what fans are saying.

Olivia and Ethan married young, play by their own rules

Olivia and Ethan Plath are a fan favorite within the family. This is largely because fans agree Olivia rescued her husband from the sheltered life of his parents. That being said, Olivia has had to teach her husband all sorts of things. Things his parents saw no value in explaining to him. And, Welcome to Plathville fans can only assume all that schooling weighs heavily on such a young marriage. That being said, we know Olivia Plath is a very strong woman. So, we aren’t sure she minds too much. Fans, however, do question who wears the pants in this relationship.

Is Ethan allowed to say no to his wife?

Welcome to Plathville fans have noticed it doesn’t appear as if Ethan has the option of saying no to his wife. It seems as if Olivia has decided to do something… That is final. There is no reasoning with her. And, there is no changing her mind. For example, she once decided to get her navel pierced. Likewise, she convinced her husband to get matching tattoos. Moreover, they are currently in the market to buy a new house. Why? Well, because Olivia isn’t happy with where they currently live.

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Now, we know Ethan loves his wife. Every few posts on his Instagram post feature her. And, usually they are in a warm embrace. But, does he ever get to make any of the decisions on how they live? Or, is he just along for the ride while his wife controls everything?

Olivia Plath: A controlling wife makes sense

Some Welcome to Plathville fans feel bad about the situation Ethan is in. But, others? Well, they understand. After all, his whole childhood involved being controlled by overbearing parents. So, it makes sense that he would trade a controlling mother for a controlling wife. After all, this is someone who has lived his whole life with someone telling him what to do and how to think.

Olivia Plath Talks About ‘Rough Patch’ In Relationship With Ethan

The question some more critical fans have is whether Olivia Plath is really good for Ethan. Does he need another person in his life controlling him? Or, should she be allowing him to make some of the decision? These questions are what fans seem to have mixed feelings about.

Share your thoughts on this in the comments below. And, stick with us for the latest Welcome to Plathville news.

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  1. Olivia is every bit as controlling as her in-laws. Poor Ethan can’t win. Olivia treats Ethan like a slow-witted 5 year old.

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