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Olivia Plath Contemplated Suicide In 2020

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Olivia Plath that fans met on Welcome to Plathville in 2019 ended up contemplating suicide on New Years Day 2020. She told fans about it on New Year’s Day in 2021. Fans know that Barry Plath and Kim hated her a lot after she married Ethan Plath. Plus, fans heard things became a bit hard for Olivia and Ethan. In fact, rumors arose that she considered a divorce this year. Hopefully, 2021 brings some kinder moments to Olivia.

Olivia Plath describes how she contemplated suicide

We reported that Ethan and Olivia Plath opened up to Sarah Fraser on her podcast Hey Frase.  They talked about their marriage issues and about Kim and  Barry Plath. Fans know from the current season of Welcome to Pathville, that they don’t see Barry and Kim at all. And even Ethan admitted that a lot of his and Olivia’s marriage problems arose because of them.

Olivia Plath talked about going for therapy. And it looks like she maintains that in 2o21. In the podcast, Ethan said that he feels “furious” at the way Kim and Barry treated his wife. And, at the way they raised their children. That left them unprepared for life away from the farm. And now, on New Year’s Day 2021, Olivia revealed that “this time last year,” she “contemplated suicide.”

New Year message from Olivia

Taking to Instagram on January 1, Olivia wrote a long message. She said, “I spent last New Year’s Eve feeling scared, alone, sobbing and contemplating suicide. I woke up on New Years Day and knew I needed to get help and surround myself with good people if I was going to make it.” So, she made 2020 a year when she thought more of her own needs than others. She tried focusing on her own “happiness” But, she admits: “Turns out that was a joke and a half 😂.”

But the Welcome to Plathville star found some people who helped her through it all. Olivia Plath said that they helped her recognize “unhealthy patterns.” Initially, she decided that 2020 would be a fun year. However, it turned out more a year of “learning.” Looking ahead into 2021, she just feels comforted that right now, she spends time with people who love her. And, she feels less “alone.” Plus, she keeps up with her “therapy.” Olivia vowed that 2021 should also end up as a year of learning to be a “better person.”

Olivia Plath Contemplated Suicide
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Help for people who feel suicidal

Helpguide.org notes that sometimes people don’t associate a feeling of “hopelessness” as a warning sign of potential suicide. And it sounds like last year on New Year’s Day Olivia Path felt “hopeless.” Luckily, she found people who supported her. The website gives some very good tips on what you can do if someone like Olivia Plath reaches out to you.

Suicide Prevention Network provides a hotline phone number that’s available 24/7: 1-800-273-8255. You can also find out other options by visiting the website HERE.

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