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Ethan Plath’s Video Gives Fans Anxiety: Is The Lake Even Frozen?

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Ethan Plath of Welcome to Plathville shared a very troubling video on Instagram recently. The video featured himself, his brother Micah, and his wife Olivia. According to the caption, they were “improvising” because they wanted to skate on the frozen lake. Problem? They didn’t have any skates.

The video featured a very dangerous activity

In the video, the trio took turns driving. Someone drove while one or both of the other two held onto a rope and got pulled around on the ice. During one shot, Instagram users see one person standing up as if they were surfing across the ice. In a second shot, we see someone driving while one person is on their belly holding onto the rope. The third person holds onto the person holding the rope. Then, both get pulled across the ice on their bellies.

Ethan, his wife, and his brother were having a wonderful time playing on the ice. But, the video was NOT well received on Instagram. In fact, many fans of the TLC family admitted it looked like an accident waiting to happen. Was the lake they were improv skating across even fully frozen? Instagram didn’t seem to think so.

Ethan Plath gets dragged for being reckless

In the comments of the video, many Welcome to Plathville fans admit watching gave them anxiety. Some felt it wasn’t possible for the lake to be fully frozen. Many urged them to “be careful” if they insisted on doing something so reckless. Here’s some of the more concerned comments on the video:

  • “That lake is absolutely not frozen my friend yall need to be careful.”
  • “Looks so fun. Please be careful. My Mama heart makes me nervous for y’all. Happy New Year.”
  • “Becareful that ice doesn’t look to safe, hate to see something happen ♥️”

Olivia Plath fires back at some of the hate

Ethan Plath didn’t have much to say to those leaving comments. But, Olivia did. She reassured followers that there wasn’t a reason to worry. She explained there was 12 inches of ice and they were not in danger. Olivia Plath, however, appreciated the concern.


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Some fans thought her response was a little sassy and dragged her for being “rude.” She, however, quickly apologized. Admitted she wasn’t trying to be rude or sassy. And, explained she just wanted to calm their fans down. Others, however, chimed in and told her not to apologize. They didn’t think she was rude at all.

Micah chimes in with the best part

Micah Plath also didn’t have much to say to the haters. But, he did have a general comment to make. He said the best moment of the whole excursion was when he “halfway lifted” his brother off the ice.

Overall, Ethan Plath his wife and Micah had fun. And, they didn’t seem to mind all of the Instagram hate. The question is simple really. Do you think they were being unsafe?

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