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Briana DeJesus Defends Her Mother, Says ‘N-Word’ Didn’t Happen

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Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus is making headlines after her mother Roxanne was accused of using a racial slur on the Season Finale. More specifically, her mother has been accused of using the “n-word.” At the time when the racial slur is alleged to have had happened, they were discussing her ex Devoin Austin. As those who follow the series know, Devoin stirred the pot by leaking Briana’s phone number on Instagram recently.

The question is: did her mother actually use a racial slur? Or, did Teen Mom 2 fans think they heard something they didn’t? Or, did she actually say a racial slur?

Briana DeJesus defends her mother, says it didn’t happen.

Now, MTV fans are calling for Briana and her mother to be kicked off the show. MTV bleeped her out when she spoke about Briana’s ex. And, fans are certain it is because she said the “N-word.” Briana, however, insists that isn’t what happened. Likewise, she spoke out during an interview with Champion Daily.

Briana shared a photo of her mother on Instagram. In the caption, she encouraged her followers to check out the interview: “My Mom has been falsely accused of something horrific. #LinkInBio for our family’s statement.”


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In the interview itself, Briana wanted to make it clear her mother did not say the “N-word.” She proceeded to explain what actually happens. Turns out, it was the word d*ck that her mother actually used.

It has come to my attention that people are accusing my Mom of saying a derogatory term in reference to Devoin on this past week’s episode of Teen Mom 2. Specifically, they are accusing her of saying the N-word in reference to him. I want to be very clear and very direct — my Mom absolutely, 100% did not say that word.”

Now, as far as Briana’s mother calling her ex a “d*ck…” She admits she doesn’t condone calling anyone a name. She, however, understands why her mother called her ex a name. After all, could people really blame her mother after what he did? That being said, she needed people to stop dragging her mother for saying the “N-Word” because that isn’t what happened.

Furthermore, she insists her mother would never say that word

Teen Mom 2 star Briana DeJesus doubles down on the defense of her mother by insisting she would never use that type of derogatory slang. Briana insisted the word was NOT a part of her mother’s vocabulary. She called him a “d*ck” because she was upset. But, her mother wasn’t racist. That’s not the kind of person she was.


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