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Rebecca Parrott Of ’90 Day Fiance’ Shares Stunning Photos

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Rebecca Parrott of 90 Day Fiance is feeling good in the skin she’s in. In the beginning, Rebecca was working as a fast-food manager to sponsor her man’s visa. In a promotional post for Sono Bello, where she received a tummy tuck, she shared her before and after pictures. There is a noticeable difference in the before and after picture. The after proudly shows off her tattoos.

She said, “I’m noticing a big difference now!” Parrott went on to say she had a lot of swelling, but it’s normal with that type of surgery. She assured fans that all of the instructions they gave her were being followed. She said, “drinking lots of water, wearing the compression garment to minimize swelling, doing lymphatic massages to help the fluid break down.”

Rebecca Parrott Wanted To Be Comfortable In Her Own Skin

Rebecca Parrott shared a video of herself talking about how she felt after the surgery. The caption said, “A quick update as to how I’m feeling 5 days after.” It was her first day back at work after five days of recovery. Some fans were surprised she went back so quickly. To the skeptical fan one helpful user said, “she had the type where the skin is tightened, not a traditional tummy tuck where you are sliced open.”

Another said she was cut from hip to hip and not through the muscle so recovery didn’t take as long. She said she wasn’t put under for the procedure, but they gave her a cocktail of medication so she couldn’t feel it. The reality star had liposuction on her abdomen, waist and bra rolls, plus a tummy tuck. Rebecca said she was going to take a look at other things in her life as well. She posted, “this has encouraged me to eat better and be more active too!”

The reality star thanked Sono Bello for giving her her confidence back and making her feel sexy. Fans asked her several questions about the procedure. One said, “how painful was it? And how long was recovery? When were you able to go back to work? Sorry for all the questions.” Another fan paid her a compliment saying, “maybe I’m missing something. You looked good before.”

The Reality Star Also Wished Everyone A Happy New Year

Rebecca Parrott posted a pretty selfie and said, “Happy New Year everyone! Here’s to putting this year behind us and on to better things!” One fan said, “from your lips to Gods ears! Looking gorgeous.” Another said, “You are looking great!! What a wonderful way to start 2021!”

Fans really drew inspiration from her posts with one saying, “You are so positive and inspiring.” What do you think of Rebecca’s transformation and her quick recovery? Comment below with your thoughts.

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