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Madison Prewett Asks Fans For Life Changing Opinions, Vows To Act On It

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Madison Prewett first appeared on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. She’s been a huge fan favorite and her followers just love to see what she’s up to. Madison actually went to Instagram in a recent post and asked fans for some life changing advice. But, is she serious or just being cute?

Madison Prewett asks fans for life changing advice

Madison went to Instagram to share a cute photo of herself and ask fans a huge question. She wants to know where she should move to. She even said the destination with the most votes would be her choice and she will move there. Madison said, “Comment where you think I should move to and whoever’s comment gets the most likes I’ll move there.”

Fans instantly started commenting hoping Madison would choose their suggestion as her final choice. Of course, many fellow Bachelor alums chimed in their opinions. Victoria Paul, Kelsey Weier, Victoria Fuller and Katie Morton all chimed in with their thoughts.

So, which destination is winning?

Tons of suggestions rolled in for Madison. Some of the top ones were Nashville, Atlanta, Dallas and Austin. So, which one is winning? Well, Austin, Texas has a shockingly high number of likes. The other top choice getting the most likes is Nashville.

Now the question remains, will Madison actually do it? Was she being serious? So far there is nothing to indicate she was joking. Time will tell if she packs her bags and makes a big move, literally!

Madison’s time on The Bachelor

Madison Prewett gained popularity among Bachelor Nation when she appeared on Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor. She drew a huge following for her strong morals and beliefs. Madison wasn’t willing to let anyone tarnish her or change what she stood for.

Her relationship with Peter hit a major roadblock when he decided to go to the fantasy suites with the other women. In the end, Madison couldn’t get past it. She self eliminated only to find herself wanting Peter back. They tried very briefly to make things work. It didn’t.

She has been linked to a few romance rumors. However, nothing concrete has surfaced regarding her dating life. As for Peter, he is in love with Kelley Flanagan. They are actually moving in together in New York very soon.

As for Madison, perhaps soon she will find the man of her dreams. Maybe even in the new city she’s vowed to move to.

Stay tuned for updates.


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