Christine Brown Christmas

Christine Brown Celebrates A Special Christmas

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Christine Brown had a special Christmas this year. At least apart from the fact she needed medical attention from Janelle’s son Logan. What made this year so special for the Sister Wives star? Well, all of her kids made it home for the holiday. In other years, that might not be such a big deal. But time with family counts for so much more during the coronavirus.

Christine Brown Christmas joy

We reported that Ysabel broke one of Christine’s favorite Christmas decorations. Made of glass, she managed to step on a sliver. Ysabel, and seemingly the other kids didn’t want to play at nursing. So, she drove across to Janelle’s place where Logan helped her out. But, with that minor medical mishap out the way way, she clearly enjoyed her time with the kids. And, they all made it home for the holiday including pregnant Mykelti.

On December 28, the Sister Wives star shared a photo on Instagram. It revealed Mykeli, Apsyn, Ysabel, Paedon, Gwendlyn, and Truely. Christine Brown captioned it with, “So great to have my kiddos all together again, even just for a couple days.” Paedon looked tall and casual in his jeans and camo jacket. Meanwhile, the others wore tees and jeans or leggings. Gwendlyn made her statement with a fleece that read “Feminist.” Meanwhile, in the front, little Truely opted for rainbow colors.

Christine Brown special Christmas
Christine Brown| Instagram

COVID-19 precautions taken

The Hollywood Gossip reported that this year, Kody Brown and most of the family gathered together for a traditional Christmas. But they took some COVID-19 precautions. Gwendlyn Brown shared on her Instagram Stories that they all took tests and then stayed at home for two weeks. That way, they felt confident enough to get together. It’s not clear that Maddie Brown Brush and Caleb went to Flagstaff. After all, she planned a quiet Christmas with just the four of them.

On the post that Christine Brown shared about Christmas with the kids, fans commented about it. Some of them didn’t even know that Mykelti’s a expecting baby. One of them wondered why Truely stood in front of her and wondered if she’s expecting. Of course, she is. And, fans might see her deliver in a new season. At least, fans of Sister Wives hope so.

Other comments about Christine Brown’s special Christmas

Other TLC fans talked about Paedon and how they never realized Christine only produced one son. But everyone agrees that Christine Brown’s genes seem very strong as the kids all look much like their mom. One fan told the TLC star, “Very good looking children you have. And what a great gift to have them all together! I only had my youngest three home this year and it was so hard!”

Well, hopefully, their COVID-19 precautions worked and all those Sister Wives kids stay healthy in the new year.

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