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Kaitlyn Bristowe Shares Throwback Christmas Photo

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Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick tested positive for COVID-19 just before Christmas. Nevertheless, she shared a photo of herself with Jason. But, as they both looked a bit sick in a previous post, she opted for a throwback Christmas Day photo.  The Bachelor Nation star and winner of the Dancing With the Stars Mirror Ball Trophy said they don’t look as good as last year.

Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason’s very quiet Christmas

We reported that Jason and Kaitlyn really took a lot of precautions with COVID-19. Despite that, they both went down with the virus ahead of Christmas. Both of them shared that they spent time with one person. That person previously had four negative test results. But the day after they saw them, they tested positive. Soon, so did Jason and Kaitlyn. So, Christmas brings quarantine for them.

CNN noted that Medical Analyst Dr. Leana Wen said, “This virus spreads inside so easily.” And Jason agreed, noting that they “learned” their “lesson.” Despite their precautions, they still went down with the virus. So, their Christmas was ruined. Hopefully, Kaitlyn Bristowe’s not feeling too ill. After all, she found the time to post up their throwback photo on Christmas Day.

Throwback photo – ‘Let’s exchange words’ says Dancing With the Stars winner

Kaitlyn captioned her Christmas Day photo with, “Merry Christmas!!! We do not look this cute right now. 100% a recycled Christmas pic.” Then she reminisced about last year and how much they traveled. Next, she turned her thoughts to lonely people this Christmas during COVID-19. She added, “Are you alone today? Let’s exchange kind words for everyone going through it.”

Bachelor Nation fans responded to her message. One of them said, “Your post yesterday made me rethink my plans.. so you may have saved a life ❤️ feel better.” And in her reply, Kaitlyn Bristowe explained she hoped her experience might change “a few minds” about Christmas gatherings.

Another fan commented, “Working at the hospital, away from my 3 babies 😭💓 hang in there everyone! At least I’m not a patient though, right?” And naturally, lots of people liked the unselfish post, including Kaitlyn.

Kaitlyn Bristowe Throwback Christmas
Kaitlyn Bristowe | Instagram

 The Flip Cup Christmas

One Dancing With the Stars fan just sounded so sad and down.  They wrote, “Me and my husband are alone cuz … covid. Playing flip cup by ourselves. Making the best of it? ✨💯.” Well, that certainly sounds like a rather lonely and dull Christmas. But they aren’t alone.

Another fan of Kaitlyn Bristowe said they feel sad this Christmas. They lost their mom to COVID-19 this year so “last Christmas was the last Christmas I spent with her.”

Of course, a lot of people agree that staying home at Christmas seems hard. But as one person pointed out, doing so “helps save lives.” So, they feel that it’s all worthwhile.

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