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‘7 Little Johnstons’ Family Enjoy White Christmas

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7 Little Johnstons family just love a white Christmas. And this year, they got their wish. It’s not clear that snow fell in Forsyth, GA, so they possibly found their snow elsewhere. Looking very cold, the family lined up next to their car in the snow at Christmas.

7 Little Johnstons Christmas snow

Georgia suffers a very cold snap right now. But when the 7 Little Johnstons Instagram page shared about snow at Christmas, fans said it never snowed in Middle Georgia. So, they possibly went somewhere else. In fact, some fans suspect they visit Pigeon Forge in Tennessee. Bear in mind, a few days ago, they posted about an early Christmas at home. Nevertheless, wherever they are, they got their dream wish for a white Christmas this year.

The caption for the family photo just said, “Dreams came true ❄️A WHITE Christmas ❄️.”  A lot of 7 Little Johnstons fans tried guessing where the TLC family is. A lot of people who live around their hometown said it never snowed there. And, when people asked, Trent and Amber never replied. So, possibly, they just hope for a Christmas undisturbed by people. However, one fan noted that they saw in another post that they might be somewhere around Pigeon Forge in Tennessee right now. And it snows there at the moment.

After Christmas fans see more of the family show

If you look for some post-Christmas entertainment, don’t look too far. The TLC show premiers Season 8 on December 29. We reported that the new season explores how the family coped during the quarantine lockdowns. Of course, most fans know by now that Amber teaches these days. So, she spent a lot of time preparing for that. After all, she anticipated a lot of kids wondering about her as a little person. So, she hopes to address that straight away.

Other news emerged that the 7 Little Johnstons couple decided to keep busy. And not just busy with day-to-day life. The teaser for the show revealed that Amber and Trent Johnston think about spicing up their marriage. In fact, fans will see them chat with an “intimacy coach.” Plus, they try out pole dancing. Finally, they set up a “love shack” in the backyard. Actually, if they stay somewhere snowy right now, maybe they could retreat to a warm room and put some of that into practice.

7 Little Johnstons White Christmas
7 Little Johnstons | Instagram

Trent makes Christmas special for a fan

On the white Christmas post, a fan begged for a Christmas greeting. They wrote, “I hope that one day you will answer my greetings, or make a comment, even if it is a like. I think that when that day comes I will die of emotion, from Venezuela many kisses.” Well, hopefully, the fan didn’t die from emotion as Trent replied.

The 7 Little Johnstons patriarch replied, saying, “Merry Christmas!” And, as you can imagine, that totally made the family fan ecstatic.  That seemed like quite a  sweet thing to do at Christmas time, do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.

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