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‘The Little Couple’ Fans Horrified By Story About Zoey & The Christmas Cards

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The Little Couple fans usually find little to criticize about Dr. Jen and Bill Klein. Actually, when it comes to the way the TLC couple raise their kids, Will and Zoey, they usually attract a lot of admirers. But now, many fans seem horrified. Jen shared a short video of her daughter with a bunch of Christmas cards. So, what happened that made fans freak out?

The Little Couple fans horrified by Zoey

We reported that nowadays, fans see a mostly cheerful healthy, and well-loved Zoey. Adorable, fans loved it when she did a happy dance for Christmas. So, she seems like a very fortunate young lady. After all, her parents have a decent bank balance. And they live in a lovely home in Florida. Plus, fans often see them out and about enjoying wonderful trips to theme parks and even overseas.

The Little Couple mom, Jen Arnold obviously ensures that both the kids live a healthy lifestyle. And, that seemed to trigger a lot of TLC fans this week. It all came when Dr. Jen shared a speeded-up video from TikTok on her Instagram. It revealed Zoey with piles of Christmas cards. And, Dr. Jen captioned it with “Holiday card mission impossible #happyholidays #littlecouple #christmaseve #staysafe.”

Fans freaked out as Zoey licked so many Christmas cards

In the comments section, a lot of fans slammed Dr. Jen because Zoey licked each envelope before sealing it. You might think it’s no big deal. But, there’s a pandemic going on. So fans seemed genuinely horrified. Here’s what some of The Little Couple fans said about Zoey:

  • “Noooo don’t lick the envelopes 😱.”
  • “I can’t believe she’s actually licking envelopes and sending them to ppl during a pandemic. “
  • “Eeeewww get that girl a tube of envelope sealer at Staples already. 🤢✉️💌.”
  • “Zoey needs a glue stick. Just stuff the envelope baby. Then glue stick.”
  • “don’t lick that give her a wet sponge.”

Plus, a few fans of The Little Couple talked about how they “never lick envelopes” since they watched a “Seinfeld episode.”

The Little Couple Fan horrified Zoey Christmas card
Dr Jen Arnold | Instagram

What’s wrong with licking envelopes?

You might recall the Seinfeld episode where George bought the cheapest envelopes he could find for his wedding invitations. But, unfortunately for Susan, his fiance, “the glue is also toxic, and licking the envelopes has fatal consequences.” But other real-life situations are worth contemplating. Unexplained Mysteries forum writers list disgusting reasons why it’s not a good idea to lick envelopes. One person related a tale of dead rats in the glue barrels.

Many other revolting stories followed by people who work in envelope factories. But, the coronavirus might spread via envelope licking as well, according to the Express UK. Although research still awaits peer reviews, the post office doesn’t recommend licking envelopes like Zoey of The Little Couple. “Mark Dalman, an assistant professor at Kent State University,” suggested the virus can live on glued paper for up to “a week.”

Are you horrified and surprised that Dr. Jen Arnold of The Little Couple let Zoey lick so many envelopes? Sound off in the comments below.

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