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‘The Bachelorette’ 2020: Tayshia Adams, Ivan Hall’s Religious Differences

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Tonight on The Bachelorette 2020 fans were shocked to see Tayshia Adams send home Ivan Hall over religious differences. It was a bit confusing to fans, though. She didn’t explain what the differences were exactly. So what went down?

Huge Update! After we wrote this, TV Shows Ace find out more info! Check out the article here! 

Tayshia Adams moves on

Tayshia Adams decided to just move on from Ivan Hall. During their overnight date, they spent a lot of time talking to each other. Tayshia and Ivan didn’t sleep at all. Religion is one thing they discussed. It turns out that the talk about it didn’t go very well. When she sent him home, she said, “This past week, we’ve talked about some important subjects… There are some things that kind of posed concern. I wish I could say that there were a lot of red flags prior to this week. And there haven’t been,” she continued. “It’s just like, at the end of the day, religion’s part of my morals and my beliefs.”

The crazy thing is Tayshia Adams never explained what the big difference was and fans want to know. He hasn’t shared on Twitter tonight, but fans are asking. Hopefully, either Tayshia or Ivan will explain the religious differences to fans.

Ivan went on to say, “I definitely get it… That is the roadblock for the two of us. I was definitely struggling with bringing it up, ’cause, you know, all the girls I have dated in the past, it never ended because of religion or anything, but I know that’s something that’s important to you. I do apologize for that and I wish I did bring it up a little sooner.”

Ivan did really want to be with her though. He said, “It’s all good. It just sucks,” Ivan replied. “I meant every word when I said I was falling in love with you this week, and I just hate that it couldn’t work out.”

Fans share confusion on Twitter

Fans are all over Twitter saying they are confused about why Ivan Hall was sent home. Check out a few tweets below.

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