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Jacob Roloff Fires Back At Those Doubting His Claim: ‘Shut The F*ck Up’

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Sadly, some Little People, Big World fans didn’t think Jacob Roloff’s post alleging he was molested by a former producer of the series should be off limits for criticism and trolling. The former TLC personality, however, didn’t hesitate to fire back at those who felt the need to bring criticism to the comments. What could trolls possibly criticism on this type of post? And, what did Jacob Roloff say in response to them? Keep reading for all the details.

Jacob Roloff returns to the post over the weekend to respond

Confirmed by Pop Culture, Jacob Roloff returned to the comment section of his recent Instagram post. He returned to respond to some of the comments. More specifically, he fired back at those who felt the need to get critical in the comments of the post.

Now, the overwhelming majority of Jacob’s Instagram followers showered him with love and support. They didn’t want to overstep any boundaries. But, they wanted to support Jacob Roloff in any way that they could. That being said, not everyone was quick to support the former reality TV star. In fact, some admitted they were hesitant to believe the story. Jacob Roloff found the shadow of doubt in the comments of his post. And, he took the time to respond.

Not everyone believes his allegations of molestation

Some critics warned Jacob Roloff it might’ve not been the best move to name Chris Cardamone as the man who molested him when he was a child. They warned of the negative impact it could have on the former producer. Some just didn’t believe the story. And, others, insisted Instagram wasn’t the place for him to offer this type of information. They suggested if it was true… He should have gone to the authorities instead.

Jacob Roloff was extremely dismissive of all the trolls. He told his followers to be careful of making the mistake in assuming they know his whole story.

How Did ‘LPBW’ Fans React To Jacob Roloff’s Recent News?

One individual noted it felt like Jacob Roloff was “passive aggressively” blaming the viewers of the show for his abuse. The individual added it was “easier” for Jacob to place the blame on the faceless audience of the show. Jacob, however, suggested without people to watch the show the molestation would have never happened.

Jacob fired back: “Would a show exist without viewers? Case closed, move on, your point is moot.”

Another individual noted Jacob Roloff was asking people to judge Cardamone without knowing whether the story was actually true.

I have asked nothing of anyone. In fact, I tell you that this is, first and foremost, for me, and only peripherally against other things. Perhaps you should reconsider what you *must* have opinions on, because it is surely okay to keep silent, especially in today’s world where we are mistakenly allowed to gawk at so many and so much. Self-control and contemplation. Find them.”

Is this defamation?

As we mentioned previously, some felt social media wasn’t the place for this kind of information. Whether the story was true or not, this was borderline defamation.

Jacob responded: “I speak only the truth and invite the accused to sue me for defamation if he so chooses, but he will not, as he has already been charged and sentenced to probation in 2010 for lewd acts with a minor by force or fear.”

That’s *another* victim, in addition to multiple others that I am now aware of. You simply look foolish, as if the justice system did not already let him go on probation for such things. There is more to come on my end but shut the f— up about slander. Predator is a big boy and can defend himself.”

The former LPBW star made it clear he wasn’t afraid of the former producer. And, it wasn’t defamation if it was true.

Why is this just coming up now?

A lot of followers wanted to know why this was just coming up now. If it was true, why did Jacob wait so long to say something? Jacob Roloff pointed out the fact that he didn’t owe anyone any of this information.

‘LPBW’ Alum Jacob Roloff Names Alleged Child Molester

He fired off: “you are not OWED this information, and yet you speak proudly and loudly from your ignorance. Let this be a lesson! For God’s sake.”

Furthermore, if public opinion is to be left out of it, then you are contributing to that very problem by your commenting here; ergo, stop. Reevaluate. Go elsewhere. Get hobbies. Learn something valuable. Speak to something valuable. I don’t need you here.”

Overall, Jacob Roloff spent a TON of time responding to those who doubted his claim. He made it crystal clear no one knew his entire story. And, he didn’t have to share this information with anyone. Jacob also didn’t seem to care much what it made people think or feel. He just wanted to get it out there. And, he hoped his molester wouldn’t be allowed to hurt anyone else.

So, are you surprised so many people doubt Jacob Roloff’s story? Share your thoughts with us.

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