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Jacob Roloff Reacts To His Abuser Receiving Death Threats

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Little People, Big World alum Jacob Roloff recently named former producer Chris Cardamone as his childhood abuser. In a very extensive Instagram post, Jacob shared that he was molested by the producer as a child while he was on the show. Unfortunately, Jacob is getting a fair amount of criticism on his Instagram post. Some individuals even seem to be defending the man Jacob has named as his abuser.

Now, as we reported, Jacob spent some time responding to the criticism on his post over the weekend. The former LPBW star was extremely dismissive and curt with his followers. Likewise, he made it clear he owed them nothing.

That being said, some didn’t feel right about Jacob blasting his abuser’s name on Instagram.

Should Jacob Roloff feel guilty for Chris Cardamone receiving death threats?

According to Pop Culture, some of his followers felt the need to bring it to Jacob’s attention that his abuser was now receiving death threats. Some of these individuals felt these death threats for Jacob’s fault. This went alongside those who felt Jacob was guilty of defamation. And, really should have taken this accusations to authorities instead of social media.

Jacob Roloff took the time to respond to those bringing up the death threats on his Instagram. And, he was equally dismissive of the topic. For starters, he didn’t understand why they felt the need to share this information with him. He couldn’t control what other people did or didn’t decide to do.

Why the f— are you speaking to me about this? Find those, apparently though doubtfully existing, people and deal with them as you see fit. Spare me your white knighting. After all, at this moment it is merely your opinion that those people are saying those things. I’ve only heard your side yada yada bulls— bulls— I sound like you. You may yet find something valuable to put these energies toward. Keep looking.”

Jacob received so many comments about the death threats against his abuser that he responded a second time: “Your entire message is devoted to a response to my mockery of you, as if it were serious. As I stated, I simply will not submit that it is my position to police the ‘in extremis’ thoughts of other survivors of sexual assault. That you place yourself in such a position is utterly laughable. The point, in all of this, is your undue confidence to speak from a position of absolute ignorance. I should remind you once more to seek value Elsewhere, for your own benefit.”

Jacob Roloff Speaks Out Following Abuse Allegation, What Did He Say?

He isn’t afraid of his abuser

As we previously reported, Jacob Roloff made it clear he is not afraid of his abuser anymore. In fact, insisted his abuser was a “big boy.” And the “big boy” could defend himself… If he took issue with what Jacob had to say. Likewise, he wasn’t that worried his abuser would come after him for defamation. After all, Jacob Roloff wasn’t his only known victim.

Are you surprised there are people who don’t believe Jacob Roloff? Can you believe some people are actually defending his alleged abuser? Share your thoughts with us.

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