Looks Like A Girl? Kailyn Lowry Claps Back At Criticism Of Lux’s Long Hair

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Teen Mom star Kailyn Lowry took to Instagram yesterday to share a couple adorable photos of her son Lux Russell Lowry and his gorgeous long hair. Many were surprised at how grown up “the baby” was looking these days.

As those who follow the Teen Mom star know, she shares Lux with his daddy Chris Lopez. Chris is also the father of Kailyn’s four month old, Romello Creed Lopez.

Lux Russell Lowry has unusually long hair compared to his brothers

Three year old Lux Russell has two older brothers and a younger brother. He, however, is the only son of Kailyn to have gorgeously long locks of hair. Given, his little brother Romello has the same birth mother and father. So, there is a change Romello will grow up to have those same gorgeous long locks. That being said, Kailyn’s recent post featuring two photos of Lux caught a lot of attention. Some of her followers were here for Lux’s adorable hair. Others, however, not so much.

At three years old, Lux Russell Lowry’s hair was so long mommy was putting it up with hair ties. Was it time for a trim? Some of her followers certainly seemed to think so.

Some followers felt Kailyn Lowry’s son was starting to look like a girl

One Instagram follower noted it was a little strange that Lux had such long hair. Why? Well, because she has three other sons. And, the two older boys have very short and cute traditional “boy hair cuts.” The individual didn’t understand why Kailyn was allowing Lux to be mistaken for a girl. After all, he was more than old enough to get a safe hair cut.

Was it possible her son Lux just liked his long hair? Or, perhaps it was mommy or daddy that simply didn’t want to cut off those gorgeous locks.

Regardless of the reason why, Kailyn Lowry had no qualms about responding to the criticism. She, however, decided not to get sassy with her critical follow. Instead, she reminded them the lord would not take too kindly to their judgmental comments.

Kailyn Lowry Instagram
[Kailyn Lowry Instagram]
Unsurprisingly, her followers also had a lot to say. Some felt it was gross that the individual was being so critical of a three year old. Others were quick to flip the script and pass judgment on the troll instead.

Not being critical, another follower asked why she kept his hair long

One individual clarified they were not coming from a critical place. In fact, they also had a son with pretty long hair. And, there were a lot of people in their life that wanted them to cut their son’s hair. This even included the individual’s husband. While Kailyn Lowry herself did not respond to the comment… Another individual noted it was likely Lux himself who enjoyed his long hair. Kailyn Lowry has always been known to consider her children’s opinions when making decisions. Even to the point of it causing an issue.

For example, there was a period of time when Isaac Elliot Rivera didn’t want to go spend time with his father. And Kailyn struggled with wanting to honor the wishes of her son. Her baby daddy, Jo, however thought this was a mistake. He didn’t think their son was old enough to make that type of decision. Kailyn eventually agreed with Jo.

So, do you have an opinion on Lux’s long hair? Share your thoughts with us.


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