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Todd Chrisley Meme On Christmas Values Appreciated

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Todd Chrisley often shares sayings and memes that inspire his fans. Sometimes, he talks too much about religion, so some followers grow annoyed. But, when he keeps things less intense, fans usually appreciate his posts very much, Now, he shared about Christmas values and many fans liked it a lot.

Todd Chrisley on Christmas and values

We reported recently that Todd shared about reading the bible. But a surprising number of people objected. Actually, it seemed a bit odd that so many people slammed him for it. After all, everyone who follows the USA Network show knows he’s a Christian. Plus, he married the daughter of a pastor. Anyway, it seems like Chrisley Knows Best fans mostly prefer him making them laugh without talking about the bible.

Well, he posted up something else and never even referred to the bible this time. So, many fans appreciated it. And, the message about Christmas values seemed rich and very applicable in 2020. The inspirational meme that Todd Chrisley shared seems quite common on social media this year. But obviously, not everyone saw it yet. Lots of them thought it rather appropriate.

Chrisley Knows Best patriarch’s meme

Todd shared the meme that reads, “This is not the year to get everything you want. This is the year to appreciate everything you have.” It seems very apt in 2020. After all, most people wish COVID-19 would go away. But, likely it hangs around for a long time. Plus, people want time with families and friends. But for many people, that’s out of the question this year. Others might want nice things but struggle with incomes reduced by lockdowns.

Most people have something they value. Perhaps they feel happy that their family survived the virus. Or, perhaps they just feel grateful they afford a special meal for Christmas. Warm houses, warm clothing, healthy kids are all things people can appreciate this year. Actually, for people in dire straits, even a kind gesture might make them treasure that. So, fans thanked Todd Chrisley for reminding them about that.

Todd Chrisley Christmas values post
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Fans comment in Todd’s post

Some fans suggested that people also “give whatever they can” to help others feel thankful this year. One fan wrote “L❤️ve this. Amen 🙏🏻 God bless you and your beautiful family 💕💕.”

Then, another person commented, “Yes Todd!!! You nailed it!!! So much truth to this!! Merry Christmas 🎄 ❤️.”

Lots of fans simply wrote, “Amen!” Notably, some people took a bit of a slap at Todd Chrisley, As one follower pointed out when you’re “filthy rich” it’s easy to feel grateful at Christmas. Despite that, the message seems very appropriate. After all, some people have always had more than others since the dawn of time. And, perhaps material wealth counts for little compared to love, family, and hope.

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