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Lifetime’s ‘Stolen In Plain Sight’ Includes ‘The Walking Dead’ Star

Lifetime Movie Network’s Slay Bells series is ending with a with a real crazy thriller. Stolen In Plain Sight is a LMN thriller that stars Gracie Gillam (ZNation), Ann Mahoney (The Walking Dead), Kyle Clements (Doom Patrol), Betsy Holt (Synchronic) and Gary Grubbs (Treme).

What Is Lifetime’s Stolen In Plain Sight About?

According to IMDb, this Lifetime movie is about Melissa (Gilliam) who takes her baby, Ryan, and escapes her abusive husband. Melissa and Ryan go to a small Louisiana town. This is a place where she and her sister spent their summers. This place will be safe!
In this thriller, baby Ryan is abducted. Worse yet, local law enforcement aren’t doing anything to find Melissa’s precious baby. This forces her to go at it alone. She is not afraid to do what must be done to save her baby boy.
However, what Melissa doesn’t expect is that there is a deep, dark secret in that very place. This is a secret that involves her.
Lifetime’s Stolen In Plain Sight premieres on Saturday, December 19 at 8 p.m. Eastern.

Ann Mahoney Stars In The Walking Dead

Recognize Ann Mahoney? She portrayed Olivia on The Walking Dead between Seasons 5 and 7. No one will ever forget that the quiet inventory manager at Alexandria could hit Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) straight across the face.
Unfortunately, Arat (Elizabeth Ludlow) killed Olivia. Negan gave those orders.

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime

There are only a few more days of Christmas movies left, so if you want to see some It’s A Wonderful Lifetime original movies, you better get cracking.

What are some of the choices for 2020? There are a couple of Christmas movies that particularly stand out.

First, The Santa Squad. This Christmas movie stars Rebecca Dalton (Good Witch) and Aaron Ashmore (Locke & Key). An unemployed teacher takes a job as a nanny for a wealthy widower’s two matchmaking daughters. The nanny and girls do a lot of fun Christmas things that brings the holiday spirit back to their home. But, what about their dad? Could he find love at Christmas?

Another favorite is Dear Christmas, starring Melissa Joan Hart (Holiday In Handcuffs) and Jason Priestley (90210). She is a podcaster and relationship expert. Millions of women look to her for guidance on all things love. But, she has never had a real relationship before. However, can she follow her own advice and let herself fall in love? This is a fun movie. Moreover, Hart and Priestly have great chemistry.

In addition, you can keep watching Lifetime’s Christmas movies. They are available for purchase. In addition, you can watch many movies online. Be sure to check the Lifetime website for all information.

Don’t forget to catch the premiere of Lifetime’s Stolen In Plain Sight, on Saturday, December 19 at 8 p.m. Eastern, on LMN.

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