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‘MBFFL’ Chase Severino Cries, Fans Unsympathetic

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MBFFL star Chase Severino picked up a lot of hate when Whitney Way Thore shared that he got another woman pregnant. Since then, she asked TLC fans several times to stop with the hate. But, as each episode unfolds, he gets more and more of it. Now he cried and turning on the tears left My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans feeling even more unsympathetic.

MBFFL – Chase Severino cries because of horrid comments

Whitney Way Thore already cried this season when she talked about Chase and the baby. While some fans felt skeptical, clearly, she believed Chase loved her. And, she already became excited about planning their wedding.  Devastated when Chase called her up with news about another woman and his baby, she initially didn’t meet with him. But then she decided they should meet. So, they met at a rest stop between Charlotte and Wilmington.

The emotional scene moved many people. Mind you, some MBFFL fans wondered what went through Whitney’s head when she allowed Chase to hug her. One fan on Twitter noted they’d have sooner “kicked him in the b–ls.” Anyway, for what it’s worth, Chase Severino told Whitney he never planned on the baby. Or the rendezvous with his baby mama. Somehow, it just happened. And then, somehow, he ended up as the one crying!

‘Floods of hate’ gets no sympathy from My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans

As so many people hated on Chase, he feels it’s unfair. In fact, he thinks life is pretty terrible at the moment. He hates that people accuse him of cheating and make his life miserable when he should be happy. Well, actually, he did cheat. And, it seems that Whitney Way Thore’s way more forgiving than her fans. Little sympathy went his way on social media.

On Twitter, one MBFFL fan said about Chase Severino, “Not Chase crying that no one is on his side for him cheating and dumping Whitney instantly to live the life he promised her with someone else. that’s what happens with you think with your p*nis.”

Then another critic noted, “Watching Chase cry over getting internet hate after he knocked up a side piece while engaged is pretty laughable. Major douche chills on that one! You’re crying? Really?!?!”

More hate for Chase Severino from MBFFL fans

If Chase hoped that hate from TLC fans would end after turning on the tears, he got that wrong. Judging by the comments on Twitter, he only scored even more hate. As one MBFFL critic noted, “Why are we supposed to have sympathy for Chase? He wants this announcement to be special but he messed everything up AND didn’t even WANT a kid?”

Perhaps Chase should definitely turn off his social media and just get off reality TV if he hopes for the hate to stop any time soon. Do you agree? Sound off in the comments below.  

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