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Mystery Solved! Tori Roloff Reveals Their Accommodations In Leavenworth

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Tori Roloff and her husband Zach just enjoyed a magical few days in Leavenworth, Washington. Many fans seemed very taken with the accommodation that they stayed in where they enjoyed the Christmas scenery. TLC fans by the dozen tried guessing where they stayed. At the time, Tori never replied. But now she revealed their accommodation on her Instagram Stories.

Tori Roloff and Zach stayed in lovely accommodation

When Tori shared photos of their accommodation and the winter wonderland, many fans loved them. Some of the photos revealed stunning snowy mountains. Plus, icy trees as they wandered around the town. Their accommodation unit looked really nice. Fans noticed how cheery the fireplace looked. And, the views from their room looked to die for. So, many people wondered where they stayed.

We reported that they probably, return home for Christmas as they didn’t have the kids with them. Sure enough, the time in Leavenworth ended. So, Tori Roloff revealed there they stayed. Obviously, celebs like the Little People, Big World stars really need to take care about revealing their location. After all, they value their privacy, And some strange people with odd perceptions could even endanger them.

Accommodation revealed as Tori leaves Leavenworth

Obviously, Tori noticed all the questions and comments about the LPBW stars’ accommodation. So, she kindly took to her Instagram Stories and shared where they stayed after they left. In one slide, she said how much she’ll miss Leavenworth. And, in another one, she shared where they stayed. In a final picture. she revealed Jackson and Lilah. So clearly they made it home safely.

The Little People, Big World star said they stayed at Camp Howard. Tori Roloff described their stay as “fantastic.” She tagged @staycamphoward. On their Instagram Page, the place is described as a “modern getaway set in the foothills of Cashmere mountain in Leavenworth, WA.” They also tagged Tori on their Instagram, writing, “The essence of a winter getaway captured by @toriroloff.”

Tori Roloff accommodation Leavenworth Washington
Tori Roloff | Instagram Stories

Close to Lake Wenatchee State Park

The Instagram page notes that their accommodation is just ten minutes from Lake Wenatchee State Park. In spring, people enjoy stargazing and sitting by the fire. And in winter, a sauna helps keep guests warm on crisp snowy days. With stunning mountain views, it looks like Tori Roloff and Zach totally relaxed and just enjoyed themselves. Obviously, they also visited Leavenworth town itself, judging by her many magical photos.

Would you enjoy a cold, crisp Christmas experience in the mountains? Or do you prefer a warmer climate like Florida? Did you ever stay at Camp Howard just outside of Leavenworth, Washington? Like the LPBW stars, did you enjoy it and not want to leave? Sound off in the comments below.

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