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‘The Little Couple’: Will Gets His Flu Vaccine

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The Little Couple mom, Jen Arnold, caused an argument between fans when she touted the COVID-19 vaccine last week. Now, she shared that Will went for his Flu shot and as you can imagine, opinions seem divided once again. However, Jen adores her son. So, some people think it’s hardly likely that she deliberately harms him.

The Little Couple – Will bravely takes his flu vaccine

The last time Jen shared about the COVID-19 vaccine, she talked about how they roll out a simulation. Of course, Dr. Jen specializes in simulation in the medical field. When the argument erupted, it got quite vicious. Many people fear vaccinations. Plus, some people fear all the conspiracy theories behind Bill Gates’ vaccine. But, as some people noted, Polio and Smallpox got virtually eradicated by the vaccines. So, they feel the development’s a life-saver for millions of people.

The Little Couple mom shared a photo of Will at the clinic. Her caption read, “Will getting his flu vaccine this year & he is the toughest kid I know.” Notably, he never even winced. Next. Jen spoke about the COVID-19 vaccination. She shared that “vaccinations in general…reduced disease, disability, & death from a variety of infectious diseases.” Plus, she added that it “resulted in net economic benefits to society amounting to almost $69 billion in the USA alone.”

TLC fans react to the news about Will and the flu shot

One fan commented, “And now he will test positive for covid.” Well, many followers wondered how the fan figures that. According to The Academies of Sciences Engineering Medicine, the flu vaccine won’t affect whether you get COVID-19. The website notes, “if you get a diagnostic test to see if you currently have a COVID-19 infection, that test looks for genetic material unique to the novel coronavirus. It does not look for influenza viruses.”

Most of The Little Couple fans seemed happy that Will went for his flu shot. And, they pointed out that he lives with a highly qualified medical professional. One fan wrote, “Good job will! And thank you for continuing to spread awareness for both flu vaccine and Covid-19!

Another fan noted, ” Well as a young child I remember when the polio vaccine came out …so I’m encouraged about the Covid vaccine!! Good job Will.”

The Little Couple Will gets flu vaccine
Dr. Jen Arnold | Instagram

Vaccinations are not always bad

Measles was eliminated in the USA for about two decades, according to But, an outbreak in New York ran between 2018 and 2019. Jane Zucker at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene looked into it. And, it turns out that nearly all of the kids who contracted the disease never got their vaccinations for it.

The Little Couple mom probably feels that she keeps Will safe with vaccinations because of this sort of thing.

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