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Jo Rivera Gets Candid On Fighting Kailyn Lowry For Custody Of Isaac

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Jo Rivera of MTV’s Teen Mom recently got candid about fighting Kailyn Lowry for custody of their son Isaac. According to Heavy, it was during a podcast of his baby momma’s podcast “Baby Mama No Drama” that he opened up.

Now, those who are familiar with the Teen Mom stars know Jo just a teenager when he became a father. Unsurprisingly, a teenage father doesn’t know much about the legal world of custody battles. In hindsight, Jo Rivera wishes he would have fought harder for his son. He admits he didn’t make his wishes clear to his attorney at the time. And, he should have.

Jo Rivera gets candid about mistakes in his custody battle for Isaac

The Teen Mom dad admits during the podcast he should have always had 50/50 custody of Isaac. He, now, recognizes settling out of court instead of fighting and letting a judge hear his side of things might’ve been a mistake.

I don’t feel like there was ever any reason for him not to be with me. I was young, I was naive, I didn’t know my rights, what I deserved to have, what my son deserve[d] to have. I was just trying to get what I could.”

Unfortunately, custody battles are largely about money

The 29-year-old has a much more mature outlook on life now. And, he recognizes that he was very fortunate during his fight for custody. He had the money to get a lawyer and go to court. Likewise, he understood that a lot of other teenage fathers might’ve not been as blessed as he was in this situation.

There was no recourse other than me hiring a lawyer and fighting as hard as I could. And I couldn’t imagine someone who didn’t have the resources that I had because I was blessed enough to be financially stable at that time when I really had to start getting into these fights because if not, Kail would have just outspent me. I mean, that’s a thing. People need to understand that.”

Jo admitted it was hard for him to juggle both still being a kid and having a kid. He thought it was his “natural-born right” to be with his son. And, he learned the hard way custody battles were largely about how much money you have.

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Kailyn Lowry has made mistakes too

During the latest season of the MTV series, Kailyn Lowry made the mistake of allowing her 10-year-old to have a say in his custody. Isaac told his mother he wanted to stay with her and his brothers. She relayed this information back to Jo. But, Jo wasn’t having it. After a conversation with a therapist, she discovered she was making a mistake. Isaac was just a child. And, he shouldn’t have been a deciding factor in whether he’s with mommy or daddy. It was a decision only she and Jo should be making.

Both Jo and Kailyn seem to have matured pretty greatly since welcoming their son into the world a decade ago. What do you think about what Jo had to say about custody battles? Share your thoughts with us.

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