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‘Below Deck’: Did Hannah Ferrier Call Out Chef Rachel?

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Below Deck Season 8 hit a high on Monday night. First, deckhand Shane Coopersmith found himself packing after napping on the job and waking up late in the mornings. Then the preference sheet for the upcoming charter set Chef Rachel Hargrove over the edge. She told Captain Lee Rosbach to “go f*** yourself.”

But that’s not all. Rachel had plenty of more colorful language to share with the viewers. She even flipped off the cameras and called the producers “hounds.” The yachtie got backlash on social media for her behavior. Rachel even shared some of the comments she got on Twitter.

Viewers were shocked to see a comment from former chief stew Hannah Ferrier from Below Deck Mediterranean.

Did Hannah throw shade at Chef Rachel?

On Monday, December 14, the Below Deck Season 8 newbie posted reactions on Instagram. Most of the comments were from trolls who called her names. Rachel also posted a comment from Hannah Ferrier, who infamously got fired during Season 5 of Below Deck Mediterranean.

“RACHEL,” Hannah wrote in the Instagram comments. “You are a lady. You must act LADY LIKE at all times. Remember…this is a mans [sic] world and you should be grateful for the opportunity to be in the galley. Act ladylike or you will never get your boyfriend to marry you.”

below deck chef rachel instagram
[Credit: Rachel Hargrove/Instagram]
Fans wondered if Hannah threw shade at Rachel. The chef understood the joke, but the fans didn’t. She responded with the laughing and crying emoji. She responded: “thanks for riding the ratings wave Hanna.”

But some fans thought Rachel was throwing the shade back. One fan noted that she spelled Hannah’s name wrong. A second follower thought Rachel accused Hannah of latching onto the Below Deck fame. Rachel explained that their exchange was just sarcastic banter and not shade.

“I love that people think I was serious. Me. Serious about that,” Hannah responded on the post.

Did the Below Deck Med star delete her comment?

However, fans were still confused. Some Below Deck fans claimed that Hannah deleted the comment on Instagram.

“I went to show my boyfriend this comment and it was gone on the other picture!” one fan wrote.

“Did she really delete her comment !? If so she must [have] taken another Valium, calmed down, and realized what she said lol shake my head!” a second fan wrote before adding, “What the hell is wrong with Hannah.”

But Rachel addressed the exchange on Instagram. She claimed they were having a good laugh over it.

“She’s being a smart a** I’m sure she was laughing as she texted it,” she responded to the fan.

Chef Rachel received uncomfortable remarks

While Hannah was clearly joking, some Below Deck fans weren’t. Rachel shared several angry comments with her followers. One viewer called her “disgusting,” adding, “I’m guessing your boyfriend was horrified and dumped you.”

Another fan called her “insane” and added that she “made an a** of yourself.” While that person claimed she was a fan of Rachel, she didn’t like the chef’s mouth. “You just went full-on gross,” the user wrote.

Rachel also got plenty of backlash on Twitter. One person called her a “douche” for skipping out on Captain Lee Rosbach and the crew. Another claimed that she was drinking “the devil’s liquid.”

Despite the backlash, Rachel received plenty of support. Viewers found her behavior relatable. What are your thoughts? Sound off below.

Below Deck airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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