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Todd Chrisley’s Post About The Bible Gets Slammed

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Todd Chrisley often shares about his Christian faith, In fact, he married the daughter of a preacher. So, it seems a bit strange that many of his followers hated that he shared a post about reading the bible. The Chrisley Knows Best patriarch posted about it on Instagram on Sunday night.

Todd Chrisley sometimes gets trolls and haters

We reported that Todd once posted up a photo of himself wearing what looked like a Navy uniform. Many people slammed him for it. After all, as far as they know, he never served. Others mocked him and wondered if he joined the Church of Scientology. After all, they still retain “maritime-style uniforms and have ranks and ratings.” In that case, perhaps some people grew justifiably irritated with Todd.

On December 13, Todd Chrisley shared a card that said, “If your  [sic] going to believe everything you read…Then start with your bible.” Well, first up, dozens of grammar police attacked him for writing “your” wrong. Many of them pointed out the incorrect spelling of “Your.” The correct spelling is “you’re, and not “your.” Actually, the tedious conversation annoyed some fans. Clearly, Todd never made the meme but posted it from somewhere else.

Slammed for talking about reading the bible

Some followers of the Chrisley Knows Best patriarch got quite heated about the post. One person ranted, “I would be embarrassed to be called a Christian.” Plus, they talked about never believing in “a black book of biblical myths.” And described it as “bits and pieces chosen and scripted and transcribed over 300 times.” Next, although raised in the South,” the critic said, “Come on Todd…it is a flat out money racket.”

The angry follower also said that people who need the church and the bible seem “weak.” So, they prefer Todd Chrisley leaving “politics and religion” off his social media. Finally, they ended by talking about his show’s “ratings” might go up if he stops talking about religion. Not alone, several people said “no thanks” about reading the bible. And one person wrote, “Believing the sh-t in the Bible is why we have such a stupid citizenry in this country.”

Todd Chrisley on the bible
Todd Chrisley | Instagram

Critics probably waste their time

Well, Todd probably continues sharing about the bible. In fact, USA Network fans probably see an uptick in these posts. After all, the book of Matthew says, “Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead, they put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house.” So no doubt, Todd keeps on doing that with his own faith in the bible.

New episodes of Chrisley Knows Best are currently airing Thursdays on the USA network.

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