Up Spinoff at Disney Plus

Pixar’s ‘Up’ Gets Spinoff On Disney Plus

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Ever wonder what happened to the beloved characters of Up after the credits rolled? You’re going to get your chance to find out. Disney Plus is about to host a spinoff series.

In the wake of literally dozens of announcements from Disney, Pixar and Marvel you might feel a bit overwhelmed. You might also have missed on the announcement that some of the favorite animated characters in movie history are coming to the streaming service.

Who can forget Dug the dog who talked thanks to a special device. Or Russell, the little boy who just wanted to sell some boy scout cookies? At the very least, fans of the movie are going to see just what Dug has been up to since Up‘s big adventure.

Titled Dug Days, this series will follow Dug the dog on some of his daily adventures living in the suburbs. The CGI series, we’ll see Dug going toe to toe with puppies, fireworks, and yes, his greatest nemeses: squirrels. It’s certainly a surprising character to base a spinoff around. There isn’t an official word at the moment if any of the other characters from Up might be central to the story. The promo trailer did give us a glimpse of Carl.

Of course, we don’t know yet whether Ed Asner has signed on to be a part of the spinoff on Disney Plus. However, if there’s one thing these series have done right so far, it’s reel in some serious talent.

Dug Days Shows The Dog Days Of ‘Up’

While we normally think of “dog days” as a bad thing, for this Up spinoff it appears to be a positive. Viewers will get to see what a happy little dog does to spend his days out and about.

There character was one in the original movie who spent his time trying to make the other characters play and love him. If that’s what the Disney Plus series is aiming for, it sounds like a wholesome, good time for the streaming service.

Disney Plus Projects Abound

In a series of announcements for Disney Plus, the Up spinoff stands out. It has a light feel to its content. However, most of the rest of the new shows are far more serious. Whether talking about Marvel or LucasFilm, the streaming service is going to be chock full of superheroes, stormtroopers, and space battles.

Darth Vader is even coming back to Disney Plus. He’ll be part of a limited series run in the Obi-Wan Kenobi show. With the amount of heavy material and evil villains coming to the service, it’s indeed good to see something lighthearted.

There’s nothing more lighthearted than Dug going after squirrels. Even if eventually we’ll need a bit more to make it a show that has staying power.

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