Tyler Cameron and 'The Bachelor' Matt James

‘The Bachelor’ Matt James And Best Friend Tyler Cameron Get Elective Surgery Together

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Surely by now everyone knows that fan favorite Bachelorette alum Tyler Cameron is best friends with new Bachelor Matt James. And, these two do everything together. They live together, quarantine together, get advice from each other and now get surgery together. Tyler and Matt seem to be pretty inseparable since his filming wrapped for The Bachelor. 

Matt James and Tyler Cameron get surgery together

These two best friends are certainly enjoying being back together and living life after Matt finished filming The Bachelor. They celebrated Matt’s birthday together at a Miami Dolphins Game at which Matt pranked Tyler good. Following their epic birthday celebration at the game, Tyler and Matt grabbed good food and then hit up the eye doctor.

People shared all about their experience. Each of these men documented their Lasik surgery on Instagram. They did everything together from the initial assessments to the actual surgeries. As they head out for the procedure Matt said, “No turning back!”

Following the surgery, Tyler shared a photo of himself in sunglasses and said it was all a success. Then he went on to say that now he needed some pizza. And, they did get that pizza.

They friends remained helpful to each other when it came to post surgery eye drops as well. Tyler and Matt helped each other through the entire process. Later, Tyler said, “It’s been a journey, but I can now see again.”

Still hanging out living the life

Following their Lasik surgery together, they recovered and continue to hang out. They share videos together working out and just having the best time.

Today, Matt James went to his Instagram Stories to share clips of himself and Tyler heading to another Miami Dolphins football game. Tyler even got out of their ride to kind of dance in the road. Once they arrived Matt shared a photo from their suite with his leg propped up watching the game.

There is no word yet on if Matt was successful at finding love on the show. As for Tyler, he seems to be loving the single life. He is about to release his first book and also just released a new line of merchandise for all the Tyler loving fans in the world. The merchandise features photos of himself, many shirtless, as well as, some with Matt included too.

Matt’s season is set to premiere on ABC January 4. Stay tuned for more updates on Tyler, Matt and all your favorite Bachelor stars.


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