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Savannah Chrisley Shares Extremely Touching Story

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Savannah Chrisley shared a very emotional story. Real-life, it sounds so inspirational and wonderful, that her fans thanked her for it. It’s a bit of a throwback photo that showed her hugging some of her family members. The photo backed up what she wrote about love and family support.

Savannah Chrisley shares a throwback photo & emotional story

We reported that recently, Savannah shared a throwback photo of herself as a kid. Fans adored it and noticed how much she looks like her dad, Todd. This time, she shared another throwback photo. But it doesn’t take Chrisley Knows Best fans that far back in time. However, the emotional story that went with it, gave people hope. She extrapolated something that went down on Chrisley Confessions. Of course, not everyone listens to the podcast. But sometimes, gems arise from it.

Savannah Chrisley wrote a long caption. In it, she said, “Came across this photo and it made me smile…I’m thankful for all the times people have shown me so much love.” Then, Savannah talked about how people should “show” their love for others. After all,  you may never know “what they may be struggling with.” And, she noted that sometimes people seem very good at “hiding” things that weigh on their minds.

The story of Michael, saved by love

Speaking about Chrisley Confessions, the Chrisley Knows Best star explained how one of the guests really impacted on her. Some people are really good at hiding their intentions, but love made this story pan out okay  During the podcast, Michael decided he’d had enough of life and he just wanted to end it. But his loving wife spotted the signs and thought she knew what he planned. So, she called the cops.

Savannah narrated how everyone “begged him not to [commit suicide].” Apparently, she got through to Michael when “she looked him in eyes.” Then she said to Michael, “give me 5 more minutes to love you.” Well, he did that and the sad outcome was avoided. So, Savannah Chrisley noted, “all I can think of now are the people that loved me for 5 more minutes when I needed it the most… THANK YOU .”

Savannah Chrisley on the story of Micheal
Savannah Chrisley | Instagram

Fans react to the touching story

Well, a story like that seems so positive in a really awful year, that many people loved it. And of course, many of them also commented on it. Here’s what some USA Network fans said to Savannah Chrisley:

  • “Savannah your words have great impact and importance. Thank you ❤️ for posting this. You are such an insightful individual. Granted…you are such a beautiful young woman…but you are not ” superficial” a true gift.”
  • “Savannah this made me weep, touched home too! Thank you for being your Beautiful Self! 🐴💜🐴💜.”
  • “Wish my son would have given us 5 more minutes.”

That last comment on the post that  Savannah Chrisley shared seems bitterly sad, actually. But, it helps to highlight how much even five minutes of letting people love you count.

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