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Is ‘Storage Wars’ Available On Netflix?

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Netflix subscribers looking for the next series to binge as we continue to hunker down during this pandemic wonder if Storage Wars is an option. Is the A&E series part of the streaming giant’s library? We were curious too. So, we did a little digging. And, a little browsing. Here’s what we know about streaming Storage Wars.

Is Storage Wars on Netflix right now?

The short and sweet answer to this question is no. Storage Wars is not on Netflix right now. According to What’s On Netflix, there is a time it was part of their streaming library. This, however, was a very long time ago. Back in 2012, A&E decided not to renew their contract with Netflix. And, the reality TV series was pulled.

Last year, Netflix subscribers could quench their thirst with an international spinoff of the series called Storage Wars: Northern Treasures. Unfortunately, this series is no longer part of the Netflix streaming library. Likewise, the spinoff was only two seasons long. So, it didn’t have the same long term binge appeal as the original Storage Wars.

Presently, there is very little chance Netflix would ever pick Storage Wars back up. So, subscribers have to look for alternatives in the streaming library. Or, they have to find other ways to watch Storage Wars.

Are their similar shows on Netflix?

The first recommendation for those looking for Storage Wars on Netflix is Pawn Stars. Most would argue Pawn Stars is a far cry from being similar to Storage Wars. But, it does offer the same treasure hunt appear.

Hoarders is another recommendation from Netflix. While the show also has a treasure hunt appear of sorts. It is a show that is hard for those with a weak stomach to handle. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear as if Netflix really has anything that comes close to matching Storage Wars. 

So, can you watch the A&E series somewhere else?

Technically, you can watch Season 1 and Season 12 of Storage Wars for free if you have Amazon Prime. But, you can’t enjoy the whole series without paying for it. You can, however, enjoy some of the Storage Wars spinoffs that are either available via Amazon Prime Video or thanks to the IMDb TV (which is also free to those with Amazon Prime).

Storage Wars is available on several other streaming services

Pluto, Peacock, AETV, and Tubi all boast of having Storage Wars available for streaming. These are all free streaming services (though some do offer a paid version with better features). As free streaming services, they feature a lot of commercials in between content.

So, are you bummed Storage Wars isn’t on Netflix? Does it surprise you that Netflix doesn’t have an alternative for Storage Wars? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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