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When Will ‘CoComelon’ Season 2 Hit Netflix?

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YouTube series CoComelon took the world by storm and Netflix on the action. Presently, Netflix has what is technically considered Season 1 of CoComelon available for streaming. Season 1 is just three random episodes the streaming giant acquired rights to from the creator of the YouTube account.

What is CoComelon, anyway?

If you have a younger child with a tablet that has YouTube Kids on it, CoComelon is one of those channels that probably drives you nuts. What’s interesting about CoComelon is critics rave it isn’t as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be. Critics insist features poor animations and a very, very simple style.

Despite the heavy criticism, CoComelon has over 100 million subscribers on YouTube. And, the YouTube channel is branching out. If you are unfamiliar with the channel, CoComelon is actually the name of a town. A town ehre JJ and his friends like to go on adventures. They do so stories and songs.

Now, IMDb and Netflix have different ideas of what is considered Season 1 of the series. What Netflix got was a bunch of random videos from the YouTube channel smashed together into three episodes. That being said, this is extremely common when Netflix picks up a YouTube channel. Especially the channels intended for children.

Since Netflix picked up CoComelon back in June of 2020, it has held a place in the U.S. top ten list. To date, the children’s series has been in the top ten list for 75 days and counting.

So, will Netflix be getting a Season 2?

According to What’s On Netflix, it has been made clear that CoComelon has no intention of shifting from YouTube to Netflix. However, the brand wants to branch out. And, it was recently confirmed that Netflix would be getting a Season 2 of CoComelon. And, it will be getting the Season 2 this month.

Presently, it is unclear what exactly Season 2 will consist of. But, it is safe to assume subscribers might just be looking at another three hours of content stretched over three episodes.

Those desiring more CoComelon than what Netflix has to offer can certainly head over to YouTube. There are tons of CoComelon videos just waiting to be streamed.

Do you have someone in your house that watches CoComelon? Are you happy to know Netflix is picking up a Season 2? Share your thoughts on this adorable kids series in the comments with us. And, stick with us for the latest Netflix related news.

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