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‘The Bachelor’ Matt James Pranks Best Friend Tyler Cameron

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Friends make life great. Best friends make life even better. The Bachelor Matt James has a pretty special friendship with Tyler Cameron. The two of them live together in New York. They also were part of the quarantine crew in Florida when the pandemic started. And, everyone seems to think Tyler will be making an appearance on Matt’s upcoming season. Now that Matt is done filming, he is spending more time with Tyler again. And, they are living life, having fun and laughing a lot.

Matt James pranks Tyler Cameron

The Bachelor recently celebrated a birthday and celebrated with Tyler by attending a Miami Dolphins football game. Tyler made sure a cake was there for Matt for his special day. But, Matt took the opportunity to prank his bestie. He grabbed the cake and smashed it into Tyler’s unsuspecting face.

It was epic and Matt was pumped. He went on to chug a can of some kind of beverage after slamming the cake on Tyler. He did this a few times as well as harassed Tyler a bit. Both were wearing their face masks.

Matt captioned his Instagram story saying he had missed Tyler.

They do a lot together

Following their trip to the game. They went to get some of their favorite food. And, they even went to the eye doctor together. They are definitely best friends. And, Tyler just launched a new merchandise line featuring many shirtless pictures of himself. Some of those products even feature Matt.

These two are close and no doubt whomever Matt chooses at the end of his season will need to get along with Tyler. In the recent past, Tyler has joked that if Matt picks someone he will need to make room in the apartment. And, he jokingly said Matt and his lady would most likely be like parent figures to him.

No word yet on what happens at the end of Matt’s season. Early on he revealed to Chris Harrison that he had never been in love. Do you think this fact changed for him? Hopefully he found what he was looking for. His mom is hopeful he will meet someone and be well on his way to having a small basketball team of grandkids for her.

While Matt and Tyler continue to live the bachelor life for now, those days could soon be gone. Matt’s season of The Bachelor will premiere January 4 on ABC.


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