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Danielle Busby Still Not Sure What Ails Her

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Danielle Busby ended up at the ER in November and concerned fans wondered if she felt better. After all, they saw her go off on a Thanksgiving vacation since then. In fact, many people assumed she just suffered from exhaustion. But now it turns out that she still battles with her health. Recall, she felt some “strange sensations” in her arms and legs. Despite visits to specialists, she still doesn’t know what ails her.

Danielle Busby hates the word ‘relax’

We reported that the OutDaughtered mom always seems on the go. If she’s not busy with her quints and big sister Blayke, she works on her CADi Fitness business. Or, she works on Graeson Bee, her clothing line. Plus, more often these days, she appears as a guest speaker at large functions. In fact, following one of those events, she ended up at the ER. Three weeks on, some fans thought she got over whatever ailed her.

Fans saw the family on Thanksgiving vacation in Oklahoma and some presumed that Danielle Busby fully recovered. However, it turns out that specialists still don’t know for sure what’s wrong. They told her she needs rest. But, certainly, she looks as busy and active as ever. However, we also noted that she told OutDaughtered fans, “it’s been a stressful two weeks…I almost hate the word ‘relax‘ [because] I don’t have time to relax hahaha.”

Refusing to get ‘stuck’ in her illness

InTouch Weekly reported that Danielle Busby took to Instagram Stories on Wednesday this week. Quoting Cortney Lantigua, she wrote, “You’re not stuck. You may be overwhelmed, tired, overworked, over-stimulated or burnt out, but you are not stuck.” So, it looks like whatever the problem is, Danielle refuses to allow it to overwhelm her. Mind you, she still visits her doctor about the problem.

The outlet noted that Danielle anticipated another visit with the doctor. So, she planned for some “relax time” ahead of that. If doctors already ran all the main tests for her symptoms, hopefully, her condition’s not too dangerous. After all, some serious health issues may cause those “odd sensations.” Possibly, the kids know their mom feels unwell. The next day, Danielle Busby shared a sweet card she found on her bedside table.

Danielle Busby OutDaughtered

Sweet card from the OutDaughtered kids

Danielle shared a very cute card that the kid placed beside her bed. On it, greenery, rainbows and flowers made for a cheerful little love note. After a long day stressing about the doctor’s visit, her health, and the kids, no doubt she felt very loved and cherished. OutDaughtered fans hope that Danielle Busby recovers fully. And, knowing the family, she and Adam probably share the diagnosis once they know.  The TLC family seems very good when it comes to highlighting awareness.

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