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‘The Bachelorette’ Tayshia Adams Reveals Best Kissers, Addresses Ring Rumors

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There’s something Tayshia Adams has been doing a lot of while navigating through drama. The Bachelorette has been kissing. Tayshia didn’t just pick one guy when Ellen DeGeneres asked her which one of her suitors was the best kisser.

She said Ben Smith, Blake Moynes, Brendan Morais and Zac Clark were the best. Ellen also asked who would slide into a celebrity’s DMs she chose Chasen Nick. To the question, who would be drunk at a rose ceremony, she said Noah Erb. He would most likely be the one to be drunk at a rose ceremony. Although, some fans might argue they drink all the time.

Who Does Tayshia Adams Think Is Husband Material

Ellen asked Tayshia Adams who she thinks is future husband material according to E Online. Tayshia said, “I feel like all of them, but probably Zac.” Ellen of course jumped on that asking her if she ends up with Zac.

Tayshia laughed and said many men still remained. Ellen doubled down and said, “I’m saying that you had multiple answers for the best kisser. You only had one answer for future husband material.” She joked if Adams picks someone else at the end, she’ll be in trouble.

She also reminded Tayshia in the latest episode she told Zac she was falling in love with him. That’s not usually something The Bachelorette does so early. Tayshia said, “you know, I did do something that usually you’re not supposed to kind of do—just because we don’t want to say it to so many people.” The producers told her she should have waited.

Zac gave Tayshia a bit of a scare. He admitted to cheating on someone during the group date lie detector test. When Tayshia confronted him, he shared his story. It turned out he cheated on his sixth-grade girlfriend at Bowl-A-Rama. She told him, “you really scared me.” He told her he had to be honest because he was strapped in.

What’s With The Ring She’s Been Wearing

Ellen also asked Tayshia Adams about the ring she’s been wearing on social media. She said she’s always wearing diamonds. Tayshia said, “All I have to say is I’m just a girl… if I want to drink my coffee with some diamonds on, I can do that. I like to wear diamonds all the time!” She didn’t disclose if it was an engagement ring or not. However, the ring has not been seen since that post.

The road to an engagement isn’t going to be easy as the last episode’s lie detector tests proved. By the end of it whoever remains standing will certainly have been on a very emotional journey. That journey started with one bachelorette and ended with another. There’s still a lot that could happen between now and the end.

Tayshia did disclose that she feels really blessed and happy. Tayshia’s journey continues on Monday and Tuesday nights on ABC. Do you think Tayshia revealed her feelings for Zac too quickly? Comment below what you’re thinking.

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