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Here’s Why Jed Duggar & Lauren Caldwell Could Be Courting

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It was recently revealed that Jed Duggar is courting (or at least interested in someone). As TV Shows Ace notes, Jed’s sister, Jessa Seewald, leaked this information in a YouTube video. At the family fall festival, which was hosted at the Duggar family’s home, she asked Jed about painting a pumpkin for his “darling.” He said that he was going to paint a pumpkin for his “darling,” and then he asked Jessa how she knew.

But, that’s the only mention of Jed’s courtship so far. So, fans are eagerly awaiting an official courtship announcement from the family.

Around the same time that the video was posted to Jessa’s YouTube channel, the Caldwell family cleaned up their Instagram page. The Caldwell family is Kendra Duggar’s family. Her sister, Lauren Caldwell, was previously engaged to a man named Titus Hall. They posted the engagement photos on their Instagram page in August, but the photos have since been deleted.

At this point, the family has yet to share what happened between Titus and Lauren. But, it’s possible that Jed and Lauren are into each other. Here’s why.

Why might Jed Duggar and Lauren Caldwell be courting?

Lauren is 20 years old, and her ex-fiance Titus is 27. On the other hand, Jed is 21 and will be 22 at the end of December. He and Lauren are much closer in age, so they may be on the same page.

Additionally, for months, Lauren was rumored to be courting a Duggar guy. Prior to her engagement to Titus, there was no mention of a courtship. So, fans did not expect this news.

Several Duggar guys have been linked to the Caldwell family, as the Duggars and Caldwells seem to be close. There are photos of James Duggar hanging out with the Caldwells. Plus, at family gatherings at the Duggars’ home, the Caldwells are often there. It looks like the Caldwells were at the family’s fall festival as well. Keep in mind that this is the same event that Jed admitted he was painting a pumpkin for his “darling.” So, it doesn’t seem unlikely that there would ever be another Duggar-Caldwell marriage.

It’s unclear why Titus and Lauren called off their engagement. But, it’s possible that she will date a Duggar guy sometime in the future. Since she’s close in age with Jed (and his twin Jeremiah), it could be him. Plus, Jed has a “darling” now, who’s unknown.

Of course, Lauren only recently got out of her engagement. She may need more time before jumping into another relationship. But, when that time comes, she may choose a Duggar guy.

So, do you think that Jed Duggar and Lauren Caldwell are courting? If not now, might they in the future? Share your thoughts below.

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