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‘I Love A Mama’s Boy’ Fans Double Down On Matt Being Gay

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One fan theory swirled a few weeks ago that I Love A Mama’s Boy fans thought Matt was gay. Fans of the TLC series are now doubling down on that theory. In fact, many wish he would “just come out” of the closet already. Turns out, fans are over the façade that he is in a relationship with a women.

Here’s why I Love A Mama’s Boy fans think Matt is gay

If you are anything like us you are probably wondering one simple thing. Why do I Love A Mama’s Boy fans think Matt is gay? According to Meaww, fans on Twitter seem to feel this way because of his bizarrely close relationship to his mother. For example, he went on a birthday trip with his mother and his girlfriend. Fans noted it felt like Matt is going out of his away to avoid being alone with Kim. Some even jested Matt should’ve just went on the birthday trip alone with mommy and left Kim to tend to herself.

On Twitter fans are urging Matt to just “come out of the closet already.” If Matt isn’t actually gay, he’s going to need to kick mommy to the curb and start showing some serious PDA to Kim. I Love A Mama’s Boy fans just can’t help but think he’s going through the motions of being with Kim. But, he isn’t actually interested in being with him.

Likewise, we know Kim isn’t exactly happy with Matt right now. She made it clear she wanted a little space between their relationship and mommy dearest. While Matt didn’t want to hurt Kim’s feelings, he made it clear he would never tell his mother to “butt out” of things.

The relationship between Matt and mommy is disturbing

As the COVID-19 pandemic hits we see Matt and mama Kelly living what we can only assume to be their dream life. Spending a ton of time together under one roof. It certainly feels like Kim has become the third wheel in this strange mother and son relationship.

In one scene, we see Matt and mama Kelly rolling around on the couch together in a playful manner. A manner that would have been far more comfortable if it had been Kim on the couch with him. Unsurprisingly the scene made viewers cringe. They didn’t understand why a mother and son would roll around on the couch together. It felt intimate. And, certainly didn’t feel like an appropriate mother and son bonding moment. Many questioned why mama Kelly thought the interaction was appropriate.

Moreover, some questioned why Kelly didn’t give that kind of affection to her husband instead of her son.

So, do you agree with fans doubling down on Matt from I Love A Mama’s Boy being gay? Do you think he needs to come out of the closet? And, what did you think of the rolling on the couch scene? Share your thoughts in the comments.

New episodes of I Love A Mama’s Boy airs on Sundays at 10 pm ET on TLC.

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