‘Bridezillas’ Exclusive: Nigerian Princess Tosin Schemes For A Really Big Ring And Is Shut Down

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On the next Bridezillas airing this Thursday night on WEtv, the heat is on for a Nigerian princess nicknamed “CaratZilla” Tosin and her fiancé. But her expectations and his wallet are as wide as the Serengeti.

Meaning her wishes might not be granted and there may be a halt to this pending nuptial.

Houston nurse Tosin was nicknamed CaratZilla by producers, and she thinks she is a total catch. This lady fancies herself a Nigerian princess who always wants the very best, and her plans to marry anesthesiologist Wemo in a traditional Nigerian ceremony are all drawn up. But the fly in the ointment is the cost of her wedding ring.

Tosin wants a bigger diamond from the newly graduated doctor.  This princess doesn’t want a ring that says “my man is a resident” but a ring that says “my doctor husband can afford the best.”  And she demands a celebration fit for royalty. And she wants a bigger ring. Will her fiancé pay up?

Let’s go ring shopping in TV Shows Ace exclusive clip, shall we?  You know our guide Loni Love is going to have a field day with this one.

What happens with Nigerian princess Tosin?

Tosin demands the best, but when her Nigerian wedding gets planned at the last minute, she might have to settle for much less.

The exclusive preview opens with the salesperson explaining the carat sizes and how the diamonds sit in their settings. Tosin believes that a three carat diamond is an odd number and by that rationale, should be cheaper.

The two carat is presented in a higher setting and she immediately hones in on the bigger diamond.

Her fiance Wemo is ready to bolt, and he says: “Can you really tell?”

She is certain and says: “Yeah.”

Wemo calls B.S. and adds; “This whole status thing of being a doctor’s wife, I think it’s dumb.”

Tosin can’t hear him as she is talking out loud about the carats. The salesperson gives the details: “This is a two carat, this is 18 karat white gold…”

Tosin is intoxicated with the shiny and says: “Oh I like that… look I didn’t even think about having bigger diamonds on the side…”  The salesperson bursts the bubble and says the ring is 15, as in $15,000.

Wemo is not having it and tells Tosin to put it back.  In a separate interview she spills. “I’m not liking Wemo’s reaction to the rings he seems a little bit too apprehensive.”

Then for “giggles” she asks to try on a three carat ring under the auspices that it will be less money. This is the point in the clip where the salesperson has a thought bubble over her head that says “What the f***?” while Wemo is trying to bring Tosin back to planet Earth.

He says: “Why would it make sense to get a three carat?”

She replies; “Because it’s more rare so maybe not enough people buy it …so then we would be getting it at a discount.”

Finally the salesperson says, “I’m not sure that’s how it works.” She tells the couple that size ring is $20,000.

Tosin says her love cannot have a price tag on it. Wemo has a cow.  “That’s not something realistic.”

Love goes in for the zinger. “Sounds like the price tag is about 20 grand.”

This whole exchange devolves into a Tosin pouting party where she says she cannot be embarrassed by a small ring and that Wemo better step up or else.

It’s just like this scene from The Lords of Flatbush film where Sylvester Stallone’s character Stanley is corned by Mr. Birnbaum who showed his girl Frannie a $1600 ring. That’s like $20 grand in today’s dough.

“Frannie Malincanico : I want that ring, Stanley.
Stanley Rosiello : I got a ring for ya, Fran. I got a ring for ya. Around my bathtub.” Dialogue from The Lords of Flatbush. (1974)

A Nigerian wedding for real

Many Nigerian couples often have two weddings, a cultural wedding and then the religious ceremony.

In fact…the proper Nigerian wedding dowry expectations will set Wemo back a huge spell, not just for that ring!

According to EasyWeddings.com.au:

In Igbo tribes, the bride’s family present the potential groom with a dowry list that he must fulfill in order to get their blessing to marry. The list often includes, but is not limited to, clothes, food, white goods, and huge items like a new car. Some families also require hard-to-find items like an alligator tooth.

A bride’s dowry will become more expensive if she has gone to university and holds a degree or doctorate. This has resulted in many potential marriages failing at the first hurdle as the groom was unable to afford the family’s requirements.

Women from the bride’s family will assess the items presented by the groom to ensure they exactly match the list he was given, or that he has provided monetary compensation for the items he hasn’t included. Only when the women are satisfied will the engagement be allowed to proceed.

Also on Thursday’s episode the pressure is too much for GagZilla Veronica, ending her big day with a shocker no one saw coming.

Bridezillas airs Thursdays at 10/9c on WEtv.

April Neale

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