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Caldwell Family: Kendra Duggar & Mom, Christina, Misspell ‘Pregnancy’

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With both the Duggar and Caldwell families considered to be pregnancy experts, many are having a hard time understanding how Kendra Duggar and her mom Christina could misspell the word. Kendra and her mom Christina recently put their matching baby bumps on display. The moms jested in the comments the matching outfits were not intentional. But, what caught people a little off guard is the hashtag at the end of the post: “#pregnacy.”

Is pregnancy a commonly misspelled word?

According to Gizmodo,  there are over 30 different spellings of the word “pregnant” on the internet. So, Duggar and Caldwell followers might want to hold off on giving Kendra and her mother Christina too hard of a time. Moreover, one of the most common mistakes is missing that second “n.” And, it is possible it was just a typo. That being said, it didn’t stop followers of the families from giving the expectant mothers a hard time.

Kendra Duggar and her mother Christina Caldwell should be experts, right?

At just 22 years old, Kendra Duggar already has two children. And, she’s pregnant with number three. Likewise, she has six siblings. And, her mother is currently expecting sibling number seven and child number eight. What makes these pregnancies even more interest is it isn’t the first time Kendra and her mother were pregnant at the same time.

Most agree this makes both Kendra and her mother Christina fit into the Duggar family tree perfectly. After all, it is safe to assume Michelle Duggar would love to be pregnant at the same time as one of her daughters.

The Duggar family is expected to be perfect

Now, misspelling a word or making a typo isn’t that big of a deal. It happens all the time. Sometimes it ends up being pretty entertaining. But, the Duggar family is always under heavy criticism. There are eagle-eyed Duggar Snarks just waiting to pick the family apart.

So, the critics didn’t miss a step when the Caldwell family misspelled “pregnancy” on Instagram. Many felt that wasn’t the kind of mistake pregnancy experts should make.


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The original critic noted on Facebook they figured pregnancy was a word the family would just know how to spell. Others chimed in agreeing that was a hilarious mistake on their part.

So, do you think Duggar critics are being petty poking fun at something as simple as a misspelled word? Or, are you surprised Kendra and Christina spelled this particular word wrong? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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