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Savannah Chrisley Shares Cute Throwback Photo

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Savannah Chrisley looks stunning these days, fans think. And, it turns out she also looked cute and pretty as a small kid. Now she shared a throwback photo of herself with her dad, Todd Chrisley. Fans think she looked adorable. And, Todd looked rather hot back in the day.

Savannah Chrisley posts up a throwback picture

On the weekend, the Chrisley Knows Best, and Growing Up Chrisley star shared her throwback photo on Instagram. USA Network fans always love seeing throwback photos. We reported in March this year, that Todd shared a photo of Julie’s dad, Harvey with Chase. Little Chase wore his cut-off denim and fans thought he looked so sweet. Plus, they noticed that Grayson, his younger brother actually bears a strong resemblance to his big brother.

Now that Savannah Chrisley shared her own throwback photo, it also becomes evident that Chase looks very much like Todd in his younger years. Now, if only Nanny Faye shared some throwback photos of her teen years! Certainly, Chrisley Knows Best fans would love to see those. Actually, Nanny Faye fast became a fan-favorite on the show. But as she seems reluctant to share throwback pics, for now, at least Savannah did.

Fans think Todd looks very hot in Savannah’s photo

When Savannah shared her photo, the Chrisley Knows Best star captioned it with, “What a throwback!! Together…forever…you and me ❤️ @toddchrisley.” In the photo, Savannah rested her head on her dad’s chest, with her arm on his neck. She smiled hugely. Meanwhile, Todd came along with lazy come-to-bed eyes. One fan commented, “Todd was 🔥 back in the day! ❤️” And another one noted, “Your dad was a hottie back in the day.”

Other fans of Savannah Chrisley commented that despite all his Botox, he looked “much better” back then. Todd chipped in on the conversation and said, “well I should, it was 20 years ago, Botox can only do so much.” One fan said to Todd, “you look fantastic. Then and now. Beautiful post from Savannah ❤️.” Some fans felt a bit envious of Todd and Savannah. One of them commented, “Wow! You guys look so different! Adorable photo!!💕💕 Wish I had a family like yours!!❤️❤️❤️.”

Savannah Chrisley throwback photo with Todd
Savannah Chrisley | Instagram

What did fans say about Savannah?

The conversation also talked about Savannah at a young age. Many people commented that they looked like twins And yes, they certainly shared the same facial features. Savannah and Todd both had those same eyes, same straight nose, same chin, and the same smile. Certainly, the apple fell very close to that tree. One fan noted, “Sassy.. you are soooo your daddy’s mini me!! So cute!! I love you, & your family. 💕😃.”

One fan of Savannah Chrisley asked, “Wow..keep the throwbacks coming! I ❤️ it!.” Yes, that’s a good call as her many fans love seeing what the family looked like before their rise to stardom on USA Network.

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