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Fans Wonder If Whitney Way Thore Regrets Not Moving To Be With Chase

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Whitney Way Thore of My Big Fat Fabulous Life had a strained long-distance relationship with Chase Severino. Was the distance what really caused their relationship to end before the cheating? Yes, the breakup was Chase’s fault for what he did to Whitney. But what would have happened if she would have moved to Wilmington to be with her lover?

Would Chase and Whitney still be together?

Whitney thought she met the person she was going to spend the rest of her life with when she accepted a marriage proposal from Chase. Viewers learned that the couple had not been able to live together because of the Covid pandemic. Was the health crisis the beginning of the couple’s relationship’s demise? And what would have happened is Whitney would have moved to Wilmington to live with her then-fiance?

Chase wanted Whitney to move in with him

On the latest episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, the reality show star made the long trip to Wilmington to visit her lover. Upon arrival, Whitney was surprised to see a beautiful card with her name on it. The adorable card asked Whitney to move in with Chase. Fans were shocked when Whitney showed cameras how upset she was by the card. She made it clear that she was not moving and was upset that he wasn’t following through with plans to move to Charlotte with her. Viewers were also baffled by her reaction since the card showed Whitney that Chase was trying to commit, per Screen Rant

Whitney knew he couldn’t just leave 

The TLC star knew that Chase owned his own house in Wilmington and also owned his own bar. Leaving fans to wonder if Whitney should have just moved to Wilmington to make the relationship work. All of Chase’s commitments didn’t make Whitney any closer to making the sacrifice to move. Instead, fans watched as she listed all the reasons why she wouldn’t go, which included being farther away from her family and friends.

Her unwillingness to move strained their relationship

Whitney’s business is mostly web-based,so she could easily move if she wanted. But that’s not the case with Chase. It would have been hard for Chase to keep his business going if he had moved and just left it behind.

As most people are aware, the restaurant and bar business is one of the hardest industries to be successful in. Many fans also felt like Whitney’s unwillingness to make this sacrifice is what started their relationship on a downward spiral. Would things have turned out much different if she made the move to Wilmington? Many fans speculate that it would have but no one will ever really know.

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