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‘Sister Wives’ News: Does Kody Brown Even Deserve Meri?

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Sister Wives stars Kody Brown and his wife Meri are making news headlines all over the place today. Why? Well, because Meri received a lot of questionable glances after a photo she posted on Instagram a few days ago. The photo featured herself and a male friend who she considered to be someone she was very close to. Fans wondered if this could be more than a friend.

Meri Brown shut the whole thing down, says she loves Kody

Now, we know Meri Brown doesn’t like to talk about her personal life with fans. In fact, we’ve reported she makes a habit of booting people from her Facebook group for bringing up Kody. Meri Brown understands she will never have full privacy because she’s on a reality TV show. But, she thinks fans forget she’s human sometimes. And, she doesn’t believe she owes fans an explanation for everything.

Meri, however, wasn’t too happy with hearing people accuse her of infidelity. And, she’s grown tired of the rumors about her lack of a relationship with her husband Kody. So, she shut them down. She shared a current photo of herself with her husband. And, she effectively told people to back off.

Meri Brown Shuts Down Infidelity Rumors, She Can Have Male Friends

She explained she didn’t owe anyone anything. But, this was her husband. She loved him. And, she was in this marriage for life. Meri, however, won’t shy away from being an independent woman. She’ll continue to run her businesses. And, when the pandemic lets u, she’ll also continue to travel. She loves Kody. But, her entire life does NOT revolve around him or Sister Wives.

One fan insists Kody Brown doesn’t deserve her.

Now, a lot of Sister Wives fans reacted pretty positively to this post. They were happy to see her put people in their place. They also agreed she didn’t owe anyone anything. Though, they appreciated the update.

But, not everyone liked hearing she and Kody were still together. One individual argued Kody treats her like “sh*t.” And, they didn’t understand why she would continue to hold onto someone like Kody. They believed he didn’t deserve her. And, she could do a lot better if she just let go of the TLC series and moved on.

Now, this individual isn’t alone in thinking this. In fact, some others believe Meri only comes around long enough to film episodes of Sister Wives. These fans believe she spends just a few weeks with Kody and her sister wives so they can film. And, then she goes back to living her separate life away from them.

Meri Brown Instagram

“Yea but he treats you like sh*t. You deserve better.” One follower penned in a comment liked nearly 100 times. So, it was very clear a lot of Meri’s followers felt the same way.

“He literally sleeps with other women.” Another individual chimed in.

Many others chimed in simply to add that they “agreed” with the original comment.

Should Meri Brown move on and find someone more deserving? Share your thoughts in the comments.


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