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Is It Meri Brown’s Fault Fans Thought She & Kody Were Over?

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A lot of Sister Wives fans were convinced Meri and Kody Brown were no longer together. Some even thought she might’ve moved on to someone else after a photo she shared on Instagram a couple days ago. Meri Brown shut the whole thing down on Instagram this morning. She reminded everyone she was a person with feelings. And, she loved her husband Kody very much.

That being said, if everything is so great between Kody and Meri Brown… Why did people think they were split up in the first place? Turns out, some Sister Wives fans believe Meri Brown is to blame for the speculation. So, is it Meri Brown’s fault people thought her and Kody split up? Here’s why some people are thinking that.

One Sister Wives fan insists Meri Brown doesn’t “try” hard enough.

Does Meri Brown paint the picture of someone who is unhappy with Kody? At least one Sister Wives fan seemed to think so. The individual noted Meri should “try” a little harder to look happy with her family and her husband. They added that Meri also tends to complain a lot for someone who is supposed to be so happy and in love. See the original comment below and form your own thoughts on it.

“Well try to look happy when your on tv don’t Complain so much you’re just too sad that’s why people talk you complain awful lot but we’re happy that you’re happy I just tried to show it a little bit more,” one follower penned in a comment on Instagram.

‘Sister Wives’ Fans React To Rare Photo Of Kody & Meri Brown

Now, the comment above was liked over a dozen times. So, this was not the only Sister Wives fan who felt this way. In defense of Meri, however, the only person that responded blamed it on the editing and production team. They pointed out you couldn’t trust what you saw on TV. It was all for ratings. And, was hardly reality.

Maybe she’s too independent?

Meri Brown made it clear in her most recent Instagram post that she’s an independent woman. She’s a woman with her own life outside of Kody Brown and Sister Wives. She loves her family. But, she also runs multiple businesses. She enjoys to travel. And, she does not live to explain every detail of her life to the viewers of her TLC reality TV show.

Meri Brown Instagram

That being said, some fans think if she would throw a picture of herself and Kody Brown on Instagram every once in a while this wouldn’t happen. She paints the picture of being a happy, independent, and SINGLE woman. And, fans believed it.

So, does this Sister Wives fan have a point? Did Meri Brown cause the rumors to swirl? Did she make people think she was unhappy in her marriage? Share your thoughts on this in the comments.

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