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‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Once Reacted Poorly To Matt’s Holiday Photo

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LPBW fans have watched Amy and Matt Roloff struggle to do things together for years. Ultimately, it’s really no surprise their marriage didn’t work. That being said, they manage to come together when it counts. A few years ago, they created a beautiful winter wonderland together. Even if there were a couple hiccups and some hurt feelings along the way.

Now, Little People, Big World fans are waiting for a new season. So, they don’t have much to do but rehash old news. And, that is just what some fans of the series are doing recently. As we continue to shift through the holiday season of 2020, we reflect on how past holidays have gone for Amy and Matt Roloff. Given, Amy Roloff has finally moved away from Roloff Farms… We assume holidays are looking a little different for her this year.

Amy Roloff has poor reaction to being left out of Matt’s holiday picture

We know that holidays are a pretty big deal around Roloff Farms. We also know Matt and Amy are pretty big on family. As a video on YouTube reminds us, Amy and Matt partook in a event around the holidays years ago. They called it a winter wonderland. Despite working on the holiday event together, Matt ended up not including Amy in a picture for the event. And, it left Amy feeling out of sorts.

LPBW fans know Amy and Matt Roloff really had issues working together on things over the year. That being said, together, they created a gorgeous winter wonderland. Matt even created his own version of the polar express. A train. Well, a tractor crafted to look like a train. A train he used to pull children around he farms. A train people seemed to love.

Even Amy Roloff felt the idea was “spectacular.” And, considering how much they feud, that was saying a lot.

The duo were not oblivious to the fact that they normally struggle to work together. But, somehow, they found a way to pull it together to make this particular winter wonderland work.

The LPBW star didn’t like being left out

The train was Matt’s idea. But, they worked on the event together. Roloff Farms visitors loved the train. After the train ride concluded, a group of children gathered with Matt for a photo. Standing in the center, someone snapped the photo.

But, Amy Roloff? She was nowhere to be found. And, it hurt. It hurt her deeply. Unsurprisingly, she was very vocal about it. No one thought to include her in the photo. Being left out? It was not a feeling she enjoyed.

I was a little bit sad and disappointed that Matt gathered all the kids around this whole picture-taking thing, and he’s the center of it all. It would’ve been nice to have shared in that moment. I just suddenly thought, wow, it wouldn’t of mattered if I was here or not. Things would’ve carried on.”

Matt knew Amy was not happy with him. And, he admit he did feel a little bit her didn’t think to include her. But, hurting her was never his intention. He did not mean to leave Amy out. It all just happened pretty fast.

Now, between the ongoing pandemic and Amy moving off Roloff Farms… We aren’t too sure if we’ll see a winter wonderland this year! That being said, the pandemic didn’t stop them from having their usual Pumpkin Season (with some modifications).

So, do you think Amy and Matt have plans for this holiday season? And, do you remember this particular winter wonderland? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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