‘Welcome To Plathville’ Ethan Plath Reveals Newest Project

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Ethan Plath, From Welcome to Plathville, is up to a new project. This time he’s posting about it on his Instagram.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Ethan Plath takes on a new project

Ethan got on Instagram to talk about his new weekend project. The photos he shared were several different pieces of equipment. Apparently, it is a demo motor that his brother-in-law built when he was just 12 years old. Ethan explains that since then, some of the pieces have gone missing. However, Ethan is working to put it back together.

“Hope everyone had a great thanksgiving weekend! Just wanted to share my weekend project with you all. This was a demo motor that my brother-in-law assembled when he was 12. Since that time quit a few parts have disappeared including the small drive motor which turns the thing over so you cans see (in a general sense) how a motor works,” Ethan starts the caption on his post.

He goes on to talk about what they did to fix it and the parts that he found.

“We found a motor from a back massager that was in the trash and after making all the brackets to hold the motor, pulleys, etc. assembled it on a board using the variable speed switch from that same back massager and guess what, it ran!! The thing runs pretty well! I look forward to the day that a small plastic engine that was originally designed to turn over at 1.5 rpm throws a rod!!! Good times! I sounds kinda like a Diesel!,” Ethan finishes the caption.

While the post seems pretty innocent, he got some interesting responses.


Ethan faces various reactions

The Welcome to Plathville star, Ethan, doesn’t really post on Instagram ever, so he got a lot of comments on his post.

You just amaze me with the skills you’ve learned growing up on your farm. You may just be learning the “outside” world but you’re doing amazing and God bless Olivia for showing you what life’s all about. I wish you all the luck in this crazy ass world. Happy Holidays to you and Olivia. ⛄🎄🎅🎁,” one writes about Ethan.

Others, don’t like how Ethan treats his family and are letting him know.

“O pretty good…must have learned something from that so-called HORRID family you and that person you are married to talk so much junk about. Do you know if you were out in the streets like most families let the kids be you would never have the time to learn the things that you have learned and the things that you know the other young men your age have no clue about your parents did that for you think about that for a minute,” they write on the post.

Overall, Ethan seems to have plenty of fans backing him up.

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