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Jason DeRulo On OnlyFans? The Superstar Shares His Thoughts


Singing sensation Jason DeRulo has really created a name for himself on TikTok, and many of his followers wonder if he’ll create an OnlyFans account as well. To date, Jason DeRulo is one of the top celebs on TikTok. And, he currently has a following of 41 million people. According to IMDb, the singing sensation has a lot of TV and movie credits on his resume too.

Now, you might be wondering… What does any of this have to do with OnlyFans? OnlyFans and TikTok are two different platforms. That being said, it is extremely common for hot and popular TikTok users to also have an OnlyFans account. OnlyFans offers TikTok users a way to use their big followers to make some cash.

OnlyFans vs. TikTok

TikTok is a streaming service pretty similar to YouTube. It, however, offers a lot more socialization compared to YouTube. Creators upload very short video clips. They can either use their own audio. Or, they can use audio already on the platform. They also have the option of doing a duet or a stitch with other creators.

OnlyFans is a site with a little less rules. But, that is because you pay to play (so to speak). An OnlyFans account is technically free. But, you have to pay to subscribe to creators you want to follow. Why it isn’t true of everything, a lot of content on OnlyFans is for adults only. Prices vary as creators set their subscription fees. Once you subscribe to someone you can also leave them tips to get more attention from them.

So, does Jason DeRulo plan on starting an OnlyFans account?

Turns out, a lot of people wondered if Jason DeRulo would join OnlyFans. After all, he was doing so well on TikTok. Surely he would make a killing on OnlyFans. But, did he want to join? Well, he spoke to Page Six about it exclusively. And, here’s what he had to say.

Nah, I just feel like stigma behind it is … a bad connotation on it. It’s very one dimensional, maybe not bad. It’s just a very specific connotation that it has that I don’t see myself associating myself with.”

But, what about his anaconda picture?

Now, those who follow Jason DeRulo on Instagram know he isn’t afraid to put it out there. In fact, a picture of his semi-aroused anaconda (yes, that anaconda) went viral on Instagram last year. While the photo was later removed, it lives on the internet thanks to screenshots forever. And, he also reuploaded it with a footlong sub masking it from view.


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Regardless of what he is or isn’t comfortable showing, he doesn’t like the “connotation” behind OnlyFans. So, we won’t be seeing him with an account any time soon.

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