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‘Counting On’ Leaving TLC? Duggar Fans Get Confused

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The Duggar family took to Instagram to promote the release of a new streaming service and fans wonder if Counting On is leaving TLC.

A new streaming service called Discovery Plus is coming

The release of a new streaming service often comes with mixed feelings. Those who enjoy the shows being released on the streaming service get excited. But, those who are already paying for several streaming service get annoyed. Why? Well, they don’t really want to spend anymore money. That being said, the release of this particular streaming service seemed to just confuse a lot of people.

The Duggar family promoted the new streaming service earlier today on their Instagram. Why? Well, because Counting On will be part of the streaming library.

Now, Discovery Plus means Discovery Channel. But, Counting On is on TLC. So, fans of the Duggar family started to panic. Did TLC drop Counting On? Was the series moving to the Discovery Channel?

TLC is part of the Discovery family

Turns out, TLC is part of the Discovery umbrella. So, no, you won’t see Counting On start playing episodes on the Discovery Channel. It helps if you think of Discovery as the parents on top of the family tree. TLC is somewhere down on a lower branch. And, Counting On is under TLC with the rest of the TLC reality TV shows. So, Counting On will be part of the streaming service because TLC is part of Discovery.

Unfortunately, this was something a lot of Counting On fans did not know. And they panicked in the comments of the Instagram post. They worried the post meant TLC was dropping the series. Would there not be anymore new episodes?

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Fortunately, that isn’t the case. New episodes of Counting On will still premiere and air on TLC the same way they always have. At a later time, however, the new season will likely be added to the Discovery Plus library.

Counting On fans were not alone in their panic

As we previously reported, Janelle Brown of Sister Wives caused confusion as well. She promoted the new streaming service too. And, many thought that meant Discovery Channel was picking up Sister Wives.

After getting so much confusion from fans, Janelle posted on Twitter again explaining the show would remain on TLC.

So, now you know. Counting On was not canceled. And, it isn’t leaving TLC. You just have a new option for streaming episodes in the near future.

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